Bathroom Scales – DON’T BUY BEFORE YOU READ!

Nokia Body Cardio- Wifi Smart Scale

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Pros: Amazing design. Long battery life (rechargeable). Syncs via bluthooth and Wi-Fi. Available in black or white.

Pricey. No pregnancy mode. Not recommended for people that have pacemakers.

The Nokia Body Cardio is a sophisticated top of the line smart scale. Its an exceptional device and well deserves the title of #1 Winner. It syncs with the Nokia Health Mate app. I’m really impressed with the sleek design which has a tempered glass top. It really looks and feels like state-of-the-art.

A smartphone is required to setup the scale the first time and it also works with the Withings Health Mate app. The scale can be used by multiple family members and each person needs to enter in some details about their body for the scale to work properly. Every weight in automatically syncs with your phone making tracking a breeze.  A neat bonus is that the scale shows the weather. The scale also reads your heart rate through your feet. It features a Pulse Wave Velocity sensor to estimate your arterial health but this reading can be inconsistent and I’ve heard the are removing that feature due to regulatory issues. The scale uses a mild electrical current passed through one foot and the other to measure fat, muscle, and water content. If you have a pacemaker its not recommended that you use this scale! If you want a top of the line super sleek and fast scale that measures your weight, bmi, bone mass, body fat, and heart rate this is the scale for you.

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