Bathroom Renovations – Bathroom Reno Ideas

You’ll spend a lot of time in your dream bathroom. First thing each morning, last at night. Every day of most weeks, you’ll see the choices you made. We want all
those choices to become good memories.

Good planning is the key to getting it right. As everyone who’s done it will tell you: a bathroom renovation from start to finish takes time and money. That’s a
given. But without good planning, there can be a lot of unexpected costs and disruptions along the way.

You want to create a place that works seven days a week. Where the light is right for the morning hair, makeup routine. The daily shave or the weekend’s
serious manscaping.

Which is why we say: talk to our experts. Talking is free. Our tile experts know all about tiles. Tiles that feel good underfoot. How light plays off the surface of
some tiles, accentuating key features.

The right tile for the job is technically well understood. But when it comes to the look and feel: that’s personal, that’s up to you. With so many to choose
from, it can be challenging not to end up with a mish-mash of styles. Or play it safe and get dullsville. Or blow the budget in one area and scrimp in another.
That’s not good planning.

Talk to our design team. They’re great listeners. Talking and listening are free. These people care about aesthetics. How it looks and feels. They share your
passion to create a unique space. To suit your likes, your home. To suit you. They can explain why some shapes and colours might feel unsettling in some
spaces. Why other choices can add value, as well as comfort—even delight!

You’ll want to relax in the warmth and beauty of the space you’ve made, to think about important things: that story you’re trying to finish. What the kids
said that made you laugh … and cry a little, too. All the big and little things we think and dream about in this special space when we have time to just be
ourselves. To wash away stress, sometimes tears.

From start to finish: you want to get it right. Contact our people who are here to help you get it right. And create good memories along the way.

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