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bathroom-doctor-3Bathroom Doctor “The name that can always be trusted”, and the company “that always cares” was founded in 1985. Through extensive research and development, a hard earned reputation promising efficiency and excellent services, never compromising quality and forever giving back in abundance to customers is priority.

Bathroom Doctor has been voted the best refurbishes in the category of bathroom reconditioning in a broad survey carried out by the media at large, for 10 consecutive years, placing them first once again.

Our process, unique to what is available involves intensive preparation methods, whereby every surface is chemically treated, applied with an epoxy bonding agent, further prepared, sealed and reglazed to perfection, offering a high gloss, durable surface that does not scratch or chip easily. The product is backed by a 5 year guarantee.

Serving a host of hotels, corporate organizations, Educational Institutions and home owners, Bathroom Doctors golden instrument through which large volume of clientele is achieved comes through “word of mouth” referrals.

You are definitely guaranteed value for money and after sales service beyond par, when it comes to reglazing your sanitary ware and tiles. Listed below are some references amongst many over the years by satisfied clients which might interest you:

1. Anglo American properties

2. Umhlanga Sands

3. Incledon

4. Highbury High School

So for a fraction of replacement costs, why not contact us

Tel: +27 (031) 3681529 or +27(031)3014205

Fax: +27(031) 3681167

e-mail : [email protected]

Before and After

Before and after

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