Back to Lotusland; entrance, jungle garden, cycads and lotus pond

Yes, I am still working through my Lotusland posts from last April’s visit—we’re coming up on a year! I need to wrap things up, and who knew how much I need to be reminded of this adventure now? I hope you enjoy a little mindless plant porn…

Today we go back to the beginning. These fabulous grass trees (Xanthorrhoea sp.) were just off the parking lot. Gerhard and I both stopped to photograph them while a Lotusland staff person looked on and commented that nobody ever stops to appreciate them, they just walk on by…

This is the walk off the side of the gift-shop, the actual entrance into the garden.

Agave attenuata line the first section of the main drive.

And then you tuck off to the right and find yourself in the tropical/jungle garden. Epiphyllum hang from the trees.

And Monstera deliciosa climb skyward.

Just about the time your eyes adjust to all that shade, bam! You’re back out in the sun and the cycad garden.

Macrozamia communis

Encephalartos altensteinii

Our next stop is a little further along the main drive, at the garden’s namesake lotus pond. I believe these beauties are Agave gypsophila.

Agave victoriae-reginae

And the pond/former pool.

When we visited back in July 2016 the lotus were in residence, photos here.

What you can’t see in this photo is the bamboo barrier keeping people from walking down the cypress allee, it was closed that day.

The original bathhouse

Nope, closed!

Onward we go, to another part of the garden (tomorrow…)

Weather Diary, Mar 18: Hi 59, Low 40/ Precip 0

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