Alleged cannibal arrested after severed penis found in garden

A suspected Russian cannibal with skeletons under his floor has been arrested on suspicion of murdering three people after a severed penis was found in his garden, according to a report.

The gruesome discovery was made on 66-year-old Viktor Zakharov’s property in the Siberian village of Severnoye — leading police to find the skeletal remains of two other men in his house and other body parts outside, the Sun reported.

Authorities are investigating whether the scrap metal collector, who was collared Monday, ate the men.

Police launched an investigation after the wife of Petr Lysyany, 36, reported him missing, according to the news outlet.

After Lysyany’s bike was found near Zakharov’s ramshackle home, the suspect admitted that he had been drinking with the missing man a few days earlier.

“At that moment a policeman saw a severed penis in the yard,” the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported, according to the Sun.

“He went inside and began to check the grounds. As a result, parts of the missing man’s body were found in the outside toilet and the garden. In the cellar, they removed the plank floor and found two skeletons,” according to the report.

“One of the dead was identified by a pin in his leg,” Pravda reported.

The other victims were identified as Viktor Dryumov, 63, and Sergey Tikhonov, 53.

Zakharov, who has served a 15-year sentence for the murder of his sister in 1991, had been interrogated on their disappearance but passed a lie detector test, the Sun reported.

He is now also being investigated in the disappearance of 14-year-old Alexey Bakun in 2012.

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