A2K – A Seasonal Veg Table

A2K – A Seasonal Veg Table


Sweet Potato and Blackeye Bean Soup

My toes have been cold. I think i may need to get myself some slippers when things return to some form of normality, as the thick slipper socks just ain’t keeping my toots warm.  Feeling nippy also makes me hanker for a good bowl of homemade soup, both to warm my hands which are also often cold and for my belly.  

We have an abundance of sweet potatoes in the house, as one of our back up meals during the working week is often Double Potato Feta Bake, so it wasn’t that hard to make soup with what we had at home.  I also have a stash of blackeye beans, so something a little more heartier was called for. 

We are eating twice a day, namely brunch and then supper, but sometimes in between we want something light and its a welcome excuse for us to have a lunch break at home from the solitary work, so soup is a good solution.  

This Sweet Potato and Blackeye Bean Soup was a well flavoured soup, not just from the sweetness from the sweet potatoes, but also hints from the other herbs, namely the sage.  I haven’t had blackeye beans for a little while, so the soft nuttiness added both flavour and melt in the mouth texture.  On the last day of eating and reheating the soup, the sweet potatoes disintegrated completely. 

I am sharing this  Sweet Potato and Blackeye Bean Soup with Soup, Salad and Sammies hosted by Kahakai Kitchen

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Orange Curry and Orange Ginger Apple Loaf Cake

We woke up early to go to the supermarket to top up on fruit and vegetables, along with other basic essentials. When we got there just before 7am, noticed that had changed the time of opening to 8am. We drove back home empty handed. I must admit, I was a bit anxious. It was my first time leaving the house.  Surprisingly the roads were busy as if we were going into work, which was unusual.  D commented on how busy it was, I stared out of the car window at the windows of the houses we drove past, displaying colourful rainbows. I wasn’t sure what this was about, but when I got back home I did a search and learned that pictures of rainbows have started springing up in windows after schools had closed in response to the coronavirus outbreak, and primary schools are encouraging pupils at home to put up paintings to “spread hope”. It was genuinely heart warming to see.

No rainbows in my window though…instead in my home was this Orange Cake and Double: Sweet Potato Curry. I say was, as I made it early this week and its all gone. 

Mid March, well before the quarantine  – D picked up a load of oranges to make juice with his manual juice maker, but typically I end up having to find ways of making the most of ingredients he picks up. 

So this egg free Orange Ginger Apple Loaf Cake was one way that I found myself using some of those oranges, but as I went to make the cake I realised that I did not need to use the whole orange – only the zest!  The cake also contains mixed dried fruit, black treacle aka molasses. 

The Double Potato and Pepper Curry with Chickpeas was made to use up what we had in the house. I found the Double Potato Curry a little sweet, so squeezed the juice of half of zested orange into it for liven it up a little.  It definately perked it up a little for my tastebuds. 

The  Orange Ginger Apple Loaf Cake was reminisce of steamed pudding or even closer to malt bread which is dark and squidgy, full of dried fruit. The recipe was adapted fromThe Vegetarian Gourmet: Easy Low Fat Favourites cookbook.  This was nice to eat warm (reheated in the microwave), but by day four it began to feel a bit dense and stodgy so we fed it to the birds, by the following day it was all gone. Nothing at home is going to waste, it rarely did before so I can continue to feel smug in that knowledge. 

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