A Mum’s Guide to Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary

You’ve been running around helter-skelter all day, attending to the never ending cries for ‘mummy!’, putting food on the table, picking up toys, you know the drill—truly, being a wife and a mother is no walk in the park. It’s joyful and demanding all at once. That’s why at some point, in the midst of the mayhem, every mum needs a moment to herself. Chances are, that precious moment of solitude comes in the bathroom. They don’t call it a sanctuary for nothing!

There’s just one problem: if you’re anything like us, the sanctuary is probably not quite looking like one at the moment. You know how it is with kids. Your bathroom is likely to be a little disorganised, disenchanting and not to mention, in need of disinfecting! It’s probably time to Kondo your bathroom and spark some joy!

No, don’t raise that eyebrow just yet. We’re not talking about major home renovation. In just a few simple steps and a sprinkle of tender loving care, you can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. We’re here to help you with that!

1. Organising

If you want a moment’s peace in your bathroom, the last thing you’d want to walk into is a mess. The first step to getting your sanctuary in order is to declutter. Throw away those rusting razors and empty conditioner bottles then get about to organising the necessary items. In Marie Kondo’s words, “everything has a home.”

Especially if it’s a shared bathroom, make sure that you sort out your skincare and makeup items from your husband’s shaving tools, the oral hygiene products and your kids’ bath toys. Allocate space for each category of essential items. If it doesn’t have to be in the bathroom, out it goes!

A Mum’s Guide to Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary

CommandTM Bathroom Shelf; Picture Credit: Hush Candles


2. Storage

Once you’ve figured out where everything should go, you need to create specific storage spaces. You want to make sure that there are racks for the towels, a bathroom caddy to hold your shower foams and shampoos, soap dishes, toothbrush and mug holders and of course, shelving!

If you’ve left these out of your renovation plan that’s perfectly fine. You don’t necessarily have to build in every single thing. There are many bathroom accessories that you can attach as you go along or when you decide to switch things up for a neat and fresh look.

All you need are good quality adhesives, hooks and strips to get everything in order. Don’t opt for the cheapest product in the market for you really don’t need something to come crashing when you’re having that much-needed moment of peace in your bathroom. CommandTM by 3M has a bathroom range that is perfect for your needs.  This is an improved version of the bathroom range which comes with a primer pad that provides better holding strength and stronger adhesive. As such, these products hold strongly yet do not require any tools to set up. Better yet, they can easily be removed without causing any damage to your walls or bathroom fixtures.

This is ideal for families as growing children have growing needs and you might need to revamp your bathroom every now and then!

Browse through Lazada’s collection of the *CommandTM bathroom range for ideas and practical solutions to your storage needs.

A Mum’s Guide to Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary

CommandTM Bathroom Shelf


A Mum’s Guide to Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary

CommandTM Bathroom Caddy


3. Decoration

You don’t have to go over-the-top trying to recreate a Balinese spa in your bathroom.  You’d be amazed at how simple additions like a candle, potted plant or scent bar can really go a long way in changing the ambience of your bathroom.

You can use CommandTM accessories to add mirrors, shower curtains, a picture frame or even additional lighting to your bathroom. CommandTM  Picture Hanging Strips allow you to easily hang frames and change out artwork with no nails and no damage to your bathroom tiles! The range of products also includes various picture and frame hangers such as the CommandTM Jumbo Universal Picture Hanger and CommandTM  Wire-backed Picture Hangers that will make it a breeze for you to put up all manner of decorative items. These, along with a soft foot rug that matches that colour of your décor, will make your bathroom look like it’s undergone a complete makeover. A breath of fresh air is always welcome, isn’t it?

A Mum’s Guide to Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary

CommandTM Bathroom Shelf and CommandTM Large Bath Hook; Picture Credit: Hush Candles


Mothering can be overwhelming and whether it’s for the times when you need that infamous 3 a.m. cry in the bathroom, to find peace within the walls, to pamper yourself from head to toe, or simply just to breathe, your bathroom is your sanctuary. Go ahead and do what it takes to make it into a beautiful haven that offers you some respite whenever you need it!

*these specific products are part of CommandTM Primer Bathroom Series

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