A Guide to Effectively Plan Kitchen Renovation Budget

A Guide to Effectively Plan Kitchen Renovation Budget

The kitchen adds a lot to the comfort and décor of your home. That is why a kitchen renovation can significantly increase the worth of the home.

How much remodeling a kitchen will cost you depends upon several factors. Minor improvements to major structural changes open the doors to different budget scenarios i.e. $5000 to $ 100,000. Most homeowners spend around $22,000.

The average cost for a kitchen remodel depends upon the size of your kitchen, type of finishes, plumbing conditions, appliances needed, how you plan on tackling the renovations and where you live. Here I have divided kitchen remodeling in three categories to help you tackle your renovation and plan your budget accordingly.

1. Minor Kitchen Remodeling

These kitchen renovations range between $5000-$25,000. They generally involve the addition of new cabinets hardware, light fixtures or addition of backsplashes. The major elements of the kitchen such as floor, plumbing and ceilings etc remain intact.

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While going for minor renovations, always choose materials of reputable brands. This will transform your kitchen look and make it feel expensive and professional.

2. Moderate Kitchen Remodeling

In this kitchen renovation category, the renovations range between $25,000-$50,000. Here you can opt for minor changes in the shell structure of the kitchen like replacing an old window, the addition of new cabinets or by changing the floor. However, this category caters the renovation which does not change the structure of the kitchen dramatically.

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Of course, you will not like your brand new stylish cabinets with the old hardware, so also add the cost of minor level renovations in your budget to give it a perfect look.

3. Major Kitchen Remodeling

What makes major kitchen renovations different from moderate renovations is the budget. These renovations range between $50,000-$70,000. You can get it done in the moderate budget, but with less attractive finishes. If you want high-end finishes, you would have to pay higher. With bespoke cabinetry, ornamental lighting, natural stone, and real wood finishes, major renovations can also include the completely different layout of the kitchen, addition or removal, of walls, ceiling height adjustment or other expensive projects.

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Should You DIY or Hire Professionals?

  • You do not require the help of professionals for minor renovations as you can do all minor renovations yourself.
  • Some of the moderate renovations can be done yourself but getting them done through professionals is highly recommended to save yourself from many potential problems. Moreover, it can protect you by costing extra money if things get wrong in the future.
  • Major renovations are expensive and time-consuming tasks, but once they will be done, you will have a contemporary and durable kitchen for years. They are not DIY projects at all. With this huge amount of budget, it is worth investing in professional local kitchen contractors to organize the renovations and bring your vision into reality.

6 Tricks to Stick to Your Budget

If you are after luxury in a small budget, these tips can help you attain your desired luxury in your assigned budget.

  • If you have enough skills and you are a DIY person, you can save much of your cost by handling minor renovations yourself.
  • Moving plumbing and electrical outlets is very much difficult and expensive. Do not move both systems to minimize your remodeling cost.
  • Forgoing real wood cabinets for veneer cabinets will cut your cost substantially.
  • A marble look quartz is a perfect substitute for marble finish in low price.
  • Keep using your old appliances instead of buying new.
  • Choose an acrylic backsplash instead of expensive tiles.

Remodeling is a stressful task whether it is minor or major. You need to plan every detail of the project including its budget. Be prepared for being over budget even though you have included the cost of everything while planning the budget for kitchen renovations. Always set some money aside for contingency. It will help you tackle the emergencies and unexpected costs.

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