8 Easy Ideas for Cottage Garden-Inspired Decor

Use what you have to create a happy, garden-inspired vignette

vintage metal drawer cabinet with cottage garden decor

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Hello, friends! I hope you’re safe and sound and hanging in there. We’re living in strange and unsettling times right now so it’s nice to be able to have a little happy zone somewhere in your house if possible. 

Today I’m joining with some of my thrifty, vintage-loving friends to share some ideas for garden decor. Perfect for this time of year, right? Plus there’s nothing more hopeful than flowers blooming or planting a garden.

Our group normally scours thrift stores and finds items to use or upcycle for our themes. But with things being the way they are, we’re either using what we already had on hand or what we found a few weeks ago. We’re not encouraging anyone to go out thrifting at this time. There are some fun ideas so be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to see them all!

terra cotta pots and glass bottles with flowers

I found a few pretty bottles at the thrift store a few weeks ago, but most of what I’m using here is from my oversize stash. Of course, I know not everyone has as much stuff around their house as I do, so I’m going to share some different types of things you could use if you like the vintage garden decor. I adore it, so it was no problem at all for me to come up with some items for my happy little vignette.

Elements of Garden Decor

1. Flowers

glass bottles and terra cotta pots as garden decor

It goes without saying that flowers are a basic element of garden decor. I’m fortunate to have various things blooming in our yard for most of the year so I simply went around the yard and picked some of what I had. 

green glass bottles and flowers for cottage garden decor
Purples, white, and yellows are in bloom now so that determined the color scheme. Faux flowers give the same effect and won’t aggravate any allergies. 

2. Gardening or Sun Hats

flowers, pots, and hats used as cottage garden decor
Always wear a gardening hat if you’re working outside! I’m fair skinned and burn easily, so I definitely wear one. Hats are a fun addition to a garden themed vignette and you can usually find them pretty easily at thrift stores, yard sales, or discount stores. 

3. Glass Bottles

green bottle with flowers for cottage garden decor

I’m using some various bottles I found at the thrift shop and actually one (the small green one) that was lying on the ground outside of a restaurant. I guess someone wanted to finish their Jagermeister before they went in, lol. The bottle was lying there in the grass, just waiting for me. I sterilized it, removed the labels, and am enjoying the pretty green color with my flowers in it! 

The other 2 green bottles are swing-top German beer bottles found at Goodwill. I guess the Germans like to use green glass for their booze. The tall clear swing-top bottle was leftover from some Italian lemonade from a while back. I just can’t toss pretty bottles. I always find another use for them. (You can see how I made wine bottle luminaries on a budget here → DIY Wine Bottle Luminaries)

4. Pots and Planters

terra cotta planter with gold leaf full of grape hyacinths
Using terra cotta or glazed pots and planters is a great way to get a garden look. Isn’t this one with the gold leaf pretty? It would be really easy to make one like this. I got mine with a plant in it and sadly, the plant didn’t make it but I kept the pot. 

And those purple flowers?? They were volunteers growing in our front lawn. I didn’t want them mowed over, so I dug them up, bulbs and all, and will replant them after they finish blooming. They’re called grape hyacinths or muscari.

5.  Wooden Crates

vintage aqua apple tree planter

Wooden crates are fun to use with garden decor and are sometimes available at flea markets or estate sales. I found the bottom one for free at the recycling drop off facility in our town. Someone had apparently carried bottles in it and had left it sitting next to the bin as trash. I was more than happy to give it a new home. 

6. Miscellaneous Garden Items

vintage botanical collage and mister as cottage garden decor
Little items like plant misters and flower frogs are fun additions too. You can sometimes find these at yard sales, estate sales, or thrift stores. I also added a vintage postcard and yellow striped dish linen for a bit more color. And vintage scales are always a happy addition, plus they had the green I was using as one of my colors.

7. Botanical Artwork

vintage botanical collage art and metal scales as garden decor
One of my favorite types of art is vintage botanicals. I found this image for free on a public domain art site and cleaned it up in photoshop, then had it professionally printed. I added a simple frame to make it look like an old wall chart. You can download it for free when you sign up for my newsletter and see how I made the frame here → Free Vintage Botanical Collage & DIY Frame Tutorial

8. Garden and Spring Decor Items

rustic birdhouse in old wooden crate used as cottage garden decor

Birdhouses and outdoor garden decor can also be used inside your home. Old scrap wood and metal pieces were used to make this cozy little birdhouse. I didn’t make it myself, but bought it at a craft fair many years ago. It usually sits out on my front porch but it’s the perfect addition to my vintage garden vignette. 

9. Old Baskets

vintage wire basket with dried hydrangeas and terra cotta pots
Old wire baskets or picnic baskets can also be used for garden theme decor. Tuck a couple of terra cotta pots and a watering can inside to complete the look. 

10. Bunnies or other spring animals

stuffed bunny made from old bedspread

Scrap fabric pieces are easy to sew into bunnies and other little spring animals. This one was made from an old bedspread and a couple of buttons. I didn’t make this one, but am hoping to make some soon with some fabric scraps from my stash. 

Additional Ideas

There are many other items you can use to get a garden themed vignette. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Birds’ Nests (I had planned to make one with twigs from my yard, but ran out of time. Hopefully I can share a finished diy nest soon!)
  • Seed Packets
  • Rolls of twine
  • Chippy or rusty accent furniture pieces
  • Floral note cards or calendar pages
  • Gardening boots used as planters
  • Flowering branches
  • Fern fronds
vintage metal hobart drawer cabinet with cottage garden-inspired decor

Here are my friends’ ideas for garden-inspired decor. Be sure to visit everyone to find thrifty ways to make a little happy garden spot in your home!

Want more ideas for garden-inspired decor and decorating with flowers?

What are some ways that you like to incorporate garden-inspired decor into our home? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Stay safe, friends! You are valued and loved!💓

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