50 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for 2020

Almost any homeowner can complete basic kitchen makeovers to make an old work space look new. This may increase the value of the home and it may make the home more likely to sell if it goes on the market. However, because it is so easy for homeowners to complete these simple makeovers, those looking for something truly unique and different must buck those trends and find a way to make their kitchen stand out from all others.

Modern kitchens offer something more than a makeover

Best modern kitchen design ideas

Modern kitchen designs add a unique touch of elegance and class to a home that otherwise might be just like every other home on the block. That’s why the concept of modern kitchen decoration has become so popular in recent years. The prominence of modern kitchen design in the entertainment industry has also contributed to this trend. While the everyday television and film viewer once saw standard, basic decor like that in their own home, today’s TV shows and movies feature the modern home decor that has become commonplace in celebrity homes and design magazines. This presence of modern-style home decoration has resulted in a surge in the number of homeowners and designers attempting to replicate these designs and seeking out modern kitchen ideas.

Those looking for inspiration on how to make their kitchen stand out from everyone else in the neighborhood should find the following 50 modern kitchen design ideas helpful in planning out a cooking and entertaining space that will wow the family, neighbors, or buyers alike.

1. The Clean and Clear Modern Kitchen

The Clean and Clear Modern Kitchen

With its earthy tones, basic structure, and freedom of space, this modern kitchen design offers a good balance of masculine and feminine accents to meet the needs of any person or family. The stone countertops and backsplash offer a nice contrasting texture to the smoothness of the lacquer millwork cabinets. The warm tone of the island butcher block top creates depth in the space while functioning as the perfect prep area or space for entertaining. Stainless steel appliances and plumbing fixtures are enhanced by the translucent gold light pendant lights. Finally, the smooth marble backsplash pattern behind the stovetop lightens the back wall for a third texture and color combination.

2. The Hive

The Hive

Blending a mix of classic industrial decor with a modern twist, The Hive skimps on color, but not style. The black and white honeycomb pattern floor accent continues up the wall seamlessly blending both parts of the room together. The purity and cleanliness of bare wood on the industrial stools, countertop, and modern kitchen cabinets offer a beautiful respite from the otherwise black and white scene while the wood-disk light fixtures meld with the other furnishings. Ample storage space above the seating peninsula provides an out-of-the-way solution for glassware without sacrificing cabinet space. What the space lacks in color variety, it makes up for in design features.

3. The Fluttergon

The Fluttergon

The clean, smooth white surfaces of this modern kitchen design are offset by the dark amber butterfly-style light fixtures. A modern kitchen island of Corian in a polygonal shape offers a unique divergence from block-shaped islands most kitchens host and an attached built-in dining top provides makes efficient use of the space. While the backsplash material appears to be a window, it is actually toughened glass spray painted a dark, jet black. This helps to elongate the room in an otherwise narrow space. Built-in storage in both the island and back wall provide more than adequate storage while remaining hidden from view.

4. Orb-ital


Walking through this space, one can hardly tell it serves as a fully-function kitchen. Appliances are cleverly hidden in the space to keep the flow of the open floor plan from being broken. The uncommon style of the modern kitchen island combined with materials not normally found in modern kitchen designs can leave visitors feeling as though they’re just sitting down for a drink at the bar. The real feature of the room, though, is the exquisite set of chromed glass orb lights above which add warmth without being overbearing. A dark mirror-glass tiled backsplash deepens the back wall while the teal-blue upholstered stool-chairs add softness to the space.

5. Chocolate Marble Cake

Chocolate Marble Cake

One look at this modern kitchen design will have viewers thinking about the smooth taste of a chocolate marble cake. The sweet chocolate brown of the modern kitchen cabinets makes a stark contrast to the slick frosting texture of the marble countertops and backsplash. The cork-like coloring and grain of the bar stools atop cast iron footings accent the space and add a touch of rawness. Thin silver and glass pendant lights present a sleek line in an otherwise broad space. Large plate-glass windows allow the perfect amount of light in to accent the space and highlight its openness.

6. The Unfinished Dream

The Unfinished Dream

While the look of this modern kitchen almost seems unfinished, the bare wood is a highlight of the bright space. At first it evokes memories of a high school shop class, but the chevron-style backsplash brings just enough of a color scheme to deepen the space and bring out the natural, unstained colors of the modern kitchen cabinets. The slate-gray tiles mesh unbelievably well with the buttery yellow and cream tiles spaced just so. The added focal point of light stain on select cabinetry and the front of the modern kitchen island lend just enough finishing to complete the space. This design proves that the knots and grains of wood alone is enough to modernize a space without going overboard.

7. The Color Block

The Color Block

The contrast in this modern kitchen decoration is what brings the space together. Pops of color burst from a black and gray scene. Every surface is slick either by the nature of its material or by the addition of a thick layer of glass-like lacquer. Perfect color selections enabled the designer to create a space that would otherwise be lost in darkness. Color blocking, the use of bright contrasting colors on an otherwise bland background, is the key to making this space jump out at the viewer. Clear glass pendant-style light fixtures provide lighting without detracting from the intended focus of the color blocks. Cleverly placed white accessories (in this case a tea set) add a bit of dimension to the foreground to separate the island space from the back wall.

8. The Sculpted Beauty

The Sculpted Beauty

Modern kitchen decoration means sometimes using unusual materials. Many designers in recent years have begun utilizing concrete as a kitchen texture for countertops. However, few have thought to incorporate it into the structure of the kitchen island. This design melds concrete, stainless steel, and wood together in a sculpted island that is a work of art in its own right. Butcher-block style countertops provide a prep surface with the addition of convenient knife storage. Highly modern kitchen cabinets on the back wall provide abundant storage options without detracting from the focus on the artful island. It’s a room that’s light on color variety, but heavy on modernity. The room-wide skylight above provides the perfect lighting source for daytime entertaining while a gargantuan silver chandelier sculpture brings both evening lighting and another piece of true art to the space.

9. The Fuchsia Fusion

The Fuchsia Fusion

At first glance this space might appear to be some sort of futuristic diner scene. Yet, it is a clear example of how modern kitchen ideas can incorporate both classic and revolutionary styles of design. Bright white and fuchsia are clearly the ruling colors of this space. Super smooth surfaces run from walls to cabinets to countertops and the texture even flows to the clear plastic stool tops. The fuchsia accent on the inset of the dining island adds a nice rush of color in an area the may have otherwise been washed out. Amber pendant lights add a third dimension to the two-tone color scheme bringing together a triad of hues that can only be described as striking.

10. The Espresso Elegance

The Espresso Elegance

With its deep tones this kitchen proves that espresso brown has still not fallen out of favor in home decor. The timeless combination of espresso tones with stainless steel hardware lends itself well to dressing up a back wall with a lovely marbled backsplash and countertop. To add a bright focal point the designer has chosen to light the space with two impressive pieces. The first is the hanging chandelier composed of hundreds of oblong clear glass orbs. This, combined with the underlit ice glass bar top, provides a beautiful focus around which to center any entertaining event.

11. The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

The openness of a space is often its biggest asset. The designer has made use of this fact to make the room look even larger with the use of multiple reflective surfaces. Instead of a traditional backsplash, the area has been opened with the use of oversize wall mirrors above the countertop and behind display shelves that only serve a utility purpose, but also serve as a form of home decoration. This not only makes the room appear to extend beyond the bounds of its walls, it also raises the brightness by reflecting other light sources. Cabinets along the walls are just the right amount of off-white to look pure and clean without becoming overly stark. The true feature of the room, however, is the custom island. Indented end pieces of polished steel continue the reflective theme of the space and the dark cork island front adds a nice contrasting scheme to the cabinets. Ultra-modern appliances finish the look by adding yet another touch of modernism to the design.

12. The Glowing Marble Kitchen Design

The Glowing Marble Kitchen Design

The feature of this space is clear at the first look. A backlit marble island front sets a cool and soft mood for entertaining. The back wall provides copious amounts of storage in gorgeous, dark-toned, flat front cabinets. Brushed nickel appliance fronts and a soft gray backsplash keep the focus on the marble island while still adding to the smooth elegance of the design. Large dark stone countertops provide an expansive area for food prep or an entertaining space. Black industrial-style hanging lamps bring together the look while black matte leather bar stools carry the modern feel to the seating options.

13. Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea

Modern kitchen designs sometimes mean blending an elegant space with a quirky element. This design is no exception. White walls, cabinets, and a kitchen island in the space are broken up by a beautiful ocean blue accent wall in the back of the kitchen. The backsplash melds stones of blue, white, and silver in a mixture that reminds one of ocean waves at the beach. A semi-circular cutout in the kitchen island leaves the perfect space for a breakfast nook for two to share an under the sea dining experience. Sputnik-style icicle lights not only provide a soft light in the space, but also help make the ultra-high ceilings seem cozier. As an added feature to the room, the designer has added quirkiness with a fish print wallpaper on the side wall. This wacky wall casts a fun factor to a room that would otherwise be just another modern design.

14. The Flowing Forties

The Flowing Forties

The soft, shiny teal of the cabinetry and island in this kitchen invokes a feeling of nostalgia with a modern twist. With white walls as a backdrop, the almost translucent blue is reminiscent of the hue used to paint many appliances and accessories of the 1940s. The rounded edges evoke memories of the automobiles and airplanes of that decade. No hard corners can be found in this space. The LED backlighting throughout the room offers a soft light that feels like the glow of a neon light. This design shows that the basic design elements of days gone by have not gone away completely, but morphed into the elements used in today’s modern designs.

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