5 walk in shower ideas to add a luxury feel to your bathroom

We could look at walk in shower ideas all day long, they are just so dreamy! They used to be something we would just lust over, assuming they were reserved for massive bathrooms and luxury homes BUT we have been proven wrong by these gorgeous rooms. Turns out a walk-in shower can work in a smaller bathroom too, in fact, they are a great choice for a small space because you cut out the bulky tray and enclosure. They can also work with any style and you can now get some really budget-friendly designs.

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So just keep scrolling to see how you can make your walk in shower dreams come true, and for more bathroom ideas check out our full feature. 

1. Add a stylish partition to a walk in shower

In larger bathrooms, a partition for a walk in shower might not be needed, but to make them work in a small space you will probably need something to prevent water ending up all over the place. Black Crittall-style shower partitions are super stylish right now, every bathroom on Instagram seems to have them. They somehow manage to be statement and subtle at the same time – like in this bathroom the black works so well with the flooring and the hints of dark colours in the rest of the space.

2. Add a walk in shower to a traditional bathroom 

Walk in showers do seem to be synonymous with more modern bathrooms, but they can work in more traditional spaces too. The wall paneling in this bathroom fits with the period-style and the simple glass screen doesn’t break up the room or add anything too contemporary. 

Also note the shelves that have been built into this walk in shower, a great way to add some storage for your toiletries and for decoration too.

3. Make a walk in shower work in the tiniest bathroom

This is exactly what we were talking about when we said that walk in showers can actually be the best option in a small bathroom. A shower enclosure would just waste space in this diddy room, whereas a walk in shower creates a seamless feel. The partition is actually a curtain on a moveable rail that can be moved against the wall when the shower isn’t in use, so clever and looks gorgeous. 

4. Turn a walk in shower into a feature with bold tiles

You can make a feature of a walk in shower rather than it be a subtle part of your bathroom. Bold tiles are a really easy way to do this and you don’t need to tile much of the space to make an impact, try just tiling the back of your walk in shower with a big statement pattern and keep the rest of the room simple so the shower becomes the focus. 

For more bathroom tile ideas head to our full gallery. 

5. Work around a window with a walk in shower

Well isn’t this the dreamiest bathroom you ever did see? A window in a bathroom is such a coveted thing, but it can be limiting as you were you can put your bathroom furniture. A walk in shower skirts around all those problems because you can just have the window in the shower – a practical solution that looks amazing too!

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