5 Clever Things You Can Do While Getting Kitchen Renovations In Campbelltown Area

5 Clever Things You Can Do While Getting Kitchen Renovations In Campbelltown Area

Thinking about getting kitchen renovations in Campbelltown area? Here are some elegant hacks you might want to consider using. They’ll make your kitchen life ten times easier and your investment into the renovations ten times more secure.

  1. Avoid one-man contractors–Sign up with full-service renovation firms

To start things off, here’s a revelation about the kitchen remodelling industry – homeowners only get what they pay for.

No matter how dedicated a one-man contractor is, most remodelling projects are out of their scope of abilities. Don’t get us wrong – there are various examples of one-man renovation teams climbing up the ladders of success.

But, the days of one-man businesses taking over different industries or marketing niches is over. Kitchen remodelling is a specialized service. Full-service renovation firms have a long list of offerings that one-man contractors can’t afford to provide.

Full-service providers of kitchen renovations in Campbelltown Area offer –

  • Assistance from the design and conception stage all the way to getting licenses and permits.
  • There are more minds working at each step of the renovation process, reducing the risk of errors or delays while improving the quality of work.
  • Full-service kitchen renovation firms have access to the top showrooms in your locality.

If you want to stay away from poor design-related mistakes, you need to start the renovation process by avoiding the biggest mistake of all – not partnering with a team of kitchen design experts.

  1. Use the renovation to make your kitchen pollution-free

In general, kitchens tend to be polluted areas because of the nature of work some kitchen appliances carry out. Plus, most homeowners think cleaning the kitchen area means making your countertops shiny or your glassware clean.

Most homeowners don’t think about noise or air pollution until they start bothering them. Renovations offer the perfect chance to eliminate both noise and air pollution. Let’s deal with noise pollution first –

  • Add ceiling tiles that absorb the noises your grinders or dishwashers create.
  • Install sound-absorbing foam pads under tables, cabinets, etc., to drown the chatter during family dinners.
  • Install padded windows that separate external from the sounds of the kitchen.

Now, let’s beat air pollution –

  • Invest in electric stoves.
  • Ask your renovation team to add ventilation features in the kitchen. Window fans, portable air filters, grease splatter guards, etc., are good product ideas.
  • Make sure the HVAC system is active every time you cook.
  • Relocate all barbecue equipment to your backyard. Barbecuing indoors is not healthy.

Read Significant points that you need to understand before starting a kitchen renovation to know more about keeping your kitchens clean.

  1. Choose quartz over granite and marble

There are solid reasons why top providers of kitchen renovations in Campbelltown area recommend quartz countertops. The installers love them because they don’t need additional sealing and are hence far easier to install than heavy granite countertops. But why should homeowners invest in quartz?

  • Quartz is non-porous. Unlike marble or granite, it doesn’t allow bacterial growth. The risk of food materials getting contaminated is minimal. Granite and marble countertops are porous and require extra sealing for safe use.
  • Quartz countertops are as maintenance-free as it gets. Since you’re not paying for professional sealing after its installation, you can invest in the maintenance of other kitchen features or appliances.
  • Despite its undeniable strength, granite isn’t immune from stains and scratches. Marble is even worse in the ‘getting stained easily’ department. Homeowners with granite or marble countertops are always one spill away from extensive damage.
  • Quartz is stain-resistant. Quartz countertops are built differently. They’re classified as natural stones but are actually made of quartz resins and crystals. This unique fusion between the two gives quartz stones uniform colours.
  • Granite and marble countertops are usually chopped from giant slabs; hence their colours aren’t uniform. They’re not bad, but definitely not ideal for any kitchen’s interior décor.

However, quartz countertops do have some minor downfalls.

Sunlight exposure can kill the unique shades of your quartz countertops. Sunlight damage causes quartz countertops to fade. This damage takes a long time to settle in, but the differences are more than apparent.

So, keeping your quartz countertops away from sunlight as much as possible is the only way of preserving the colours that made you go for quartz in the first place.

Don’t think you can keep your kitchen sunlight-free? Don’t worry – there’s an alternative. Engineered stone (also known as artificial stone) is made of 90% quartz aggregate.

  • This artificial cousin of quartz is more crack-resistant than granite, slate, and marble.
  • Engineered stone can be designed to be heat-resistant; hence, they’re ideal for cooking.
  • The surfaces of engineered stone countertops don’t absorb liquids, making the prospect of cooking with fish, meat, and fresh raw vegetables much less risky.
  • They don’t need additional sealing to be stain-resistant. No degree of exposure to oil, wine, and other potentially abrasive substances will damage your engineered countertops.

This material offers just as much resistance to moisture damage, wear, and tear as pure quartz. Plus, it’s less prone to sunlight damage. The strength and durability of engineered stone counters are just as good as granite.

  1. Don’t forget to camouflage all electrical outlets 

A plethora of kitchen appliances need electrical connections or charging these days. Not provisioning for all the wires that crowd your kitchen isn’t a smart move. So, camouflage all electrical outlets by –

  • Creating a unique docking drawer with concealed charge stations
  • Install plug moulding to keep all outlets hidden.
  • Avoid installing glaring white outlets that stand out from the rest of your kitchen décor pieces. Your outlets should match the colour of your walls or backsplash tiles.
  1. Buy appealing cabinet knobs

Most homeowners forget about their cabinet knobs while getting kitchen renovations in Campbelltown area. These small pieces are used to enter and exit your kitchen all the time. Investing in sleek and high-quality channel knobs can transform the way people perceive your kitchen.

Most homeowners renovate their kitchens with a sense of excitement. At the first sign of complication, they crumble. From committing to a contractor to selecting the right type of cabinets – being calculative at each step is crucial.

These five hacks will surely help.