4 Slip Resistance Tiles You Can Use In Bathrooms

4 Slip Resistance Tiles You Can Use In Bathrooms

Bathrooms need quality tiles. Wet tiles are more prone to developing slippage. For your safety, you need to install anti-slip tiles. There are different types of floor tiles for bathrooms. You can select a good one that suits your budget.

  • Top brands manufacture quality anti-slip floor tiles
  • These are long-lasting solutions
  • You don’t need a replacement for years after installing

So, if you need non-slip tiles for your bathroom, go through the best options. Material that offers higher friction is always best. The one you select should be safe and elegant.

  1. Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles have been in the market for years. These are traditional options. You might not have paid close attention at the latest ceramic tile versions.

Traditional tiles glaze and were a fraction of fewer tiles. Modern tiles are matt finish. They lack glaze factor and are slip-resistant. If you need non-slip tiles then you can opt for matt ceramic tiles.

You can select matt tiles in different colour and design combinations. The tiles are best as they are easy to maintain.

Price-wise also ceramic matt finish tiles are cheaper options. You can buy them in any colour and size.

  1. Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain is not the same as a ceramic material. Porcelain is a better option than ceramic tiles.

As compared to ceramic, porcelain material is more durable. The tiles will last for your lifetime. This also makes porcelain tiles cost-effective.

Porcelain is also the best non-slip tiles material in the market. This material is the first choice for homeowners. You can install matt finish porcelain tiles in your bathroom.

Present time tiles are best coated with slip shield. You may feel they are safe to walk on, even when wet foot.

  1. Stone Tile:

Millions of homeowners have natural stone tiles in the bathroom. Natural stone looks elegant. It is also cost-effective. You can cut the stone into any possible shape or design.

These properties make the tiles more in demand. It has natural slip-resistant property, because of the design. Being porous in nature, it is the best non-slip tiles.

The top surface of the stone is anti-skid type. They are also used in the pool area at homes. Economic wise, natural stone is the right option. This tiles can use them on the walls as well. The proper light combination can high light the interiors of the bathroom

  1. Cement Floor Tiles:

Cement may not be much in fashion today but is still in demand for bathrooms. The best benefit is that it is cost-effective Cement tiles are the cheapest options in the market.

It is also the best non-slip tiles for all types of floor plans. It is easy to install and repair. You can select traditional combinations of cement tiles for your bathroom.

Whatever you select should fit your budget. It should not be too expensive. Focus on all factors listed above, before selecting. The choice is yours to select the best tiles for our bathroom.