4 Simple Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are like a sanctuary for relaxation and solitude. So, you might have a beautiful home but your taste could be questionable if you do not have an equally well-designed bathroom. You want to feel refreshed when you step out of your bathroom and for that you require a revitalising ambiance. We have mentioned below some ways that would help you accessorise your bathroom with a sprinkle of elegance. 

4 Simple Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom

1. Simplicity is the key

It’s extremely simple to get overpowered with subtleties. Your focus shouldn’t be on elaborate designs and expensive pieces, rather concentrate on the little things that draw your attention when someone first enters your bathroom. 

  • First and foremost, ensure that your bathroom always smells nice. Place some pleasantly scented candles on a shelf, use fragrant essential oils or, use an automatic air freshener. 
  • Consider adding a beautiful rug on your bathroom floor, which can also provide a pop of color in the otherwise dull atmosphere. 
  • You can also invest in that gorgeous wooden shelf to make your bathroom seem more organized. 
  • Add customized hand-pumps of your choice. 
  • For some natural fragrance, add some aromatic plants like orchids, asparagus, eucalyptus.

2. Drape that beautiful curtain!

Not all of us are bold enough for a glass wall in a bathroom. So, investing in a washable, sheer, easy to use curtain is your smartest choice. It is also an added benefit that they are usually cost-effective.  You can always consider adding abstract or light-colored curtains that help you enhance the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. 

3. DIY your own mirror

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all?” Well it’s gotta be you since you are the one looking at it. Whether it’s to shave, apply makeup, or just checking your appearance, mirrors are a necessity. A mirror helps in enhancing and radiating the light within the four walls of your bathroom. Hence, it’s a judicial investment of your time to DIY your own mirror. 

  • Start by measuring the dimensions of your mirror and its frame. 
  • Take a wooden sheet that’s thick enough to hold the weight of your mirror and then, paste your mirror on top of it. 
  • Take another mirror and carefully break it into pieces now paste the broken mirror pieces on any 2 edges of your frame. 
  • You can add some decorative pieces on the other two edges of the frame or simply paint it with a metallic color. 
  • Now, hang the mirror on the wall and surround it with bulbs or led lights. 

4. Hang an elegant chandelier

The perfect lighting is essential to any space. A beautiful chandelier can give your bathroom that classy vintage look. It not only sets the mood but also provides that perfectly dramatic look to your bathroom.

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4 Simple Ways To Accessorise Your Bathroom

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