4 Essential Decor Elements to Every Room

(4 min read) See, as much as I’d like to start this post with “I was visiting so and so the other day blah blah blah”, I can’t do that with a clear conscience. First of all, we all know it would be a blatant lie because the world is quarantining and secondly, it would send a bad message to everyone out there who are trying their best not to leave their homes. On the same note, I figure this type of post will do us some good, because we are bound to get sick of our home interiors at this point, so some renovations will be in order once all of this is over.

Breathe lighting decor elevates the bedroom decor
A perfect message for this time, Visualizer: Karina Urbańska Karina Urbańska

So, I was working on answering some Quora questions the other day and this particular one really piqued my interest: What are the important components of a great room? Of course, at first, I wanted to argue that the answer depends on the type of room. There’s a huge difference between the important components of bedrooms and those of a living room. Keeping that in mind, that answer would be quite valid. But, me being me and not wanting to let things go, I started thinking… The question itself sounds like it demands a universal answer, not a divisive one. Soooo, what are some universal components?

1. Symmetry

The human eye loves proportion and symmetry in faces and physical objects. I mean, just look at Harry Styles! Am I right? Rooms are no exceptions. That basically means that all of the furniture, decor, and art pieces should be in perfect harmony in every part of the room. Having too many objects on one side of the room and empty space on the other, will disrupt its harmony and make it look less hospitable and inviting.

Symmetry makes a living room perfect
Perfect symmetry in a living room. Image via Decoraid
Balanced living room interiors
Well balanced living room symmetry. Image via Anne Hepher

2. Light

The lighting solution is of the utmost importance for any space. If a room is beautifully designed but it has poor lighting, all of the effort invested in its design and decoration will remain virtually unnoticed. Kinda like an average Instagram model without the humongous lips. If she doesn’t have any, is she really and Instagram model? It’s the same with the lighting. Lighting can make or break a room. Too bright lighting can give a room artificial quality and make it look “plastic” and hostile. Lighting solutions should be added carefully and they are best applied when done by a professional.

Living room lighting is part of a great home decor.
Proper living room lighting.
Gorgeous living room lighting
Interesting living room lighting. Image via Lightology.

3. Color

We’ve talked about the importance of color in home-interior several times in this blog and although the approaches have been different in each post, the advice is always pretty much the same. Unlike trends and styles, the science of color isn’t ever-changing, and while you can experiment and apply different colors to different spaces, you should keep the psychology of each color in mind. For example, red entices appetite, orange is great for enhancing creativity and enthusiasm.

Red is gorgeous for kitchen interiors.
Red is perfect for kitchen interiors.
Green natural marble is ideal for bedrooms.
Green can be ideal for bedrooms. Image via 33bY Architecture

4. Art

Every room should have a focal point and that focal point should be an art piece. Just like with every other thing, it is important to not overdo it. Too much art can make your room look tacky. it is best to choose just one piece that is interesting enough to draw attention without looking imposing. Mosaic artwork will do an impeccable job as a focal point of any type of room. Depending on the size of the room you can opt for anything from intricate details and subdued colors to vibrant tones and simplistic design. Mosaic artwork will never fail to capture the attention of visitors, so you can’t go wrong with mosaic art. Well… I dunno if Kevin Bacon mosaic made of bacon would go well above your bed, but… You know what, scratch that. Whatever floats your boat! Who am I to judge …

Gorgeous Mosaic Artwork by Mosaics Lab
Mosaic artwork as a focal point. Mosaic Artwork by Mosaics Lab.
Glass mosaic backsplash as a focal point. Mosaic Art by Mosaics Lab.

Unrelated content to marvel over while in quarantine:

  • All this talk about “universal components” got me thinking about the Universal Soldier 1,2 and 3. There’s something to binge-watch and be judgmental about while self-isolating
  • Imagine Harry Styles as a room. If he was a room what room would he be and how would he be decorated? Gucci covers and fishnet drapes? Hmm…
  • Life-size Kevin Bacon made of bacon… *insert heart-eyes Sponge Bob gif here
Harry Styles mosaic artwork by Jason Mecier.
Harry Styles mosaic made of candy (yum, yum). Harry Styles candy portrait by artist Jason Mecier.

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