23 throw pillows to make your couch more comfortable

23 throw pillows to make your couch more comfortable–and fun (Photo: Reviewed.com)

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Let’s face it—we’re all spending a lot more time at home right now, and that probably won’t be changing anytime soon. But we say that’s just a good excuse to invest in new décor to make staying in an even cozier affair. And since we’ve personally been logging a lot of quality time with our couch lately, we’ve rounded up 23 throw pillows that will up the comfort factor—and add a pop of personality to your space.

1. A pillow fashioned after your favorite blanket

This pillow is perfect for creating a cold-weather oasis. (Photo: Mina Victory)

It doesn’t get cozier than a chunky knit blanket, so we’re pretty sure this comfy pillow with a soft, blanket-like quilted chevron face will make movie night even snugglier—but good luck staying awake through the credits.

The pillow comes in six different shades, from navy to mustard yellow. It’s coated in a suede-like polyester, meaning you get the appearance and feel of suede, but the easy cleaning abilities of polyester.

Get the Life Styles Square Quilted Chevron Polyester Suede Throw Pillow from Home Depot for $29

2. This bright pillow to brighten up even the gloomiest work from home days

Who doesn’t love pops of color? (Photo: Artistic Weavers)

Finding it hard to stay motivated on rainy work from home days? This sunny pillow, with its bright yellow, geometric pattern, will help show you the light—and add a pop of color to a room’s minimalist décor.

While I’m partial to yellow, this bright pillow comes in six vibrant colors and three sizes, perfect for any taste and space. It looks best when paired with solid colored pillows, like pale yellows or dark blues, which provide contrast to the geometric pattern.

Get the Bulstrode Yellow Geometric Polyester Throw Pillow from Home Depot for $28.31

3. A pillow we’d wear if we could

I think I own this sweater, TBH. (Photo: Artistic Weavers)

This comfy cotton knit pillow reminds us of our favorite sweater—we want to cuddle up to it while sipping cocoa (or perhaps a hot toddy) and reading a good book. The understated cream color and slightly preppy cable knit accent make it an elegant addition to any couch.

The pillow comes in two shades—khaki and medium gray, both of which look elegant on their own. Some reviewers say they’ve used them on their beds, while others leave them loose on the couch. Either way, this style is great for the farmhouse-inspired home.

Get the Anaco Khaki Solid Polyester Throw Pillow from Home Depot for $37.56

4. A pillow that makes staying home even sweeter

I’m obsessed with this deep blue. (Photo: Dayna B)

This soft blue pillow has the words “Home Sweet Home” embroidered on both sides—so you’ll always know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. It looks great propped on a solid-colored couch or stacked against several color blocked pillows. The cotton-polyester blend makes it ideal for sitting against or using as a headrest for that quick afternoon nap.

The pillow itself comes with a cover and pillow insert, so you don’t have to worry about buying a pillow to stuff inside it. The zipped outer shell removes for easy spot cleaning—what could be sweeter?

Get the Home Sweet Home Blue Solid Polyester Throw Pillow from Home Depot for $34.95

5. This pillow that’ll have everyone flocking to your couch

Would you pay $100 for a throw pillow? You might after reading about this one. (Photo: Pumba)

This isn’t the cheapest pillow you’ll find on this list, but it is among the chicest. This faux feather pillow has a cool avian look, but it’s all comfort. Bound to add a fun edge to any living room, it’ll have you flying high off your own good taste.

Part of what makes this pillow so expensive is that it’s made from down, so it’s incredibly soft to lay on. The feathers may look real, but they’re actually polyester, which is much better, since you don’t have to worry about stray feathers floating around your couch (and your house).

Get the Alaskan Hawk Multicolored Solid Down Throw Pillow from Home Depot for $106.99

6. A pillow that brings street art into your home

This pillow offers a unique way to introduce art to your living room. (Photo: One Bella Casa)

This cool number is sure to be a conversation piece. Featuring an image from famed graffiti artist Banksy’s signature series “Girl with Balloon,” this artsy pillow adds some London edge to your home base.

The pillow is made from polyester with the graphic printed directly on the fabric, meaning you don’t have to worry about peeling or waring. The pillow is sewn shut, so you can’t replace the interior with a more comfortable filling unless you break out the needle and thread, but this pillow still makes an impressive statement wherever it’s used.

Get the Hope Gray Black Graphic Polyester Throw Pillow from Home Depot for $26.72

7. This pillow that greets guests in multiple languages

Say ‘Ciao’ to your new favorite pillow. (Photo: Room Essentials)

Who needs Rosetta Stone when you have this comfy statement piece? Invite friends and family to take a seat in four languages—English, Italian, Spanish, and French, respectively—with “hello” spelled out in bold, colorful font.

The pillow is white on one side and yellow on the other, adding a fun color-block dimension to your couch. It’s also made from 100% cotton, setting it apart from the polyester-built pillows we see in numerous other stores.

Get the Square ‘Hello’ Pillow from Target for $10

8. This pillow that gets right to the point

Honestly we don’t have a choice right now, pillow. (Photo: Threshold)

“Let’s stay home” and get comfortable. This sweet mustard-colored pillow features cozy white embroidery that invites the whole family to settle in for movie night. Plus, the welcome lumbar support provides support for your lower back, so you can last through a double—or triple—feature with ease.

The exterior is made from “canvas-like” material, which is essentially a blend of cotton, linen, and viscose. It’s stuffed with polyester and looks perfect whether thrown on a couch or strewn on the patio bench.

Get the Oversized Lumbar “Let’s Stay Home” from Target for $19.99

9. A pillow for cuddlers of every stripe

Beetlejuice would love these pillows, honestly. (Photo: E by Design)

A bold stripe adds a cool, modern accent to any living room. This hypoallergenic throw pillow features a wide geometric stripe pattern and comes in nine bold colors—pick one or mix up a few to add a bright splash of style to your couch’s décor.

Get the Classic Striped Throw Pillow from Home Depot starting at $24.21

10. This pillow that makes a day on the couch feel like a day at the beach

We stan a beach-themed home. (Photo: Rosecliff Heights)

Didn’t make it to the shore this summer? Or perhaps you’ve been holding up at a beach house (you lucky sea dog, you)? Either way, this nautical pillow will give you beachy vibes that’ll have you smelling that fresh salt air—even if you haven’t been outside in days. Featuring a bright aqua starfish embroidered onto a stone-white background, this comfy pillow is coastal cool. Just don’t bring it to the actual beach—it’s hand wash only.

Get the Rosecliff Heights Chamberlain Aqua Starfish Linen Throw Pillow from Wayfair for $24.99

11. This luxe velvet pillow to add a touch of glam to your abode

Perfect for just hanging ’round the house. (Photo: West Elm)

These round throw pillows made from a lush velvet with a luxurious sheen come in a variety of elegant shades. And really, what’s softer than velvet? They pair perfectly with pillows made from different fabrics, and while they’ll look excellent on your couch, they’ll look just as luxurious on your bed.

Get the Round Lush Velvet Pillow from West Elm for $40

12. This pillow that doubles a sleep aid

Get ready to own a pillow that everyone will want to touch. (Photo: Andreo)

No need to count sheep to drift off when you’ve got a pillow this soft. This oversize white sheepskin pillow reverses to a sleek suede underside. Featuring a feather-down insert, this attractive accent piece will have you dozing in one shake of a lamb’s tail.

If you’re not ready to invest in the pillow and its down insert, you can purchase the pillowcase only, but it’s only about $30 cheaper than it would be with the filling included.

Get the Andreo White Sheepskin Pillow from Crate & Barrel for $199.95

13. A pillow made for hibernation

We’ll paws for applause. (Photo: Eddie Bauer)

This Eddie Bauer pillow is sure to make being stuck inside more bearable. This machine-washable pillow features the embroidered outline of a bear—perfect for adding a slightly rustic touch to your couch.

This pillow has a 4.9-star rating on Wayfair’s site, with reviewers describing the pillow as super soft and fluffy. Plus, it looks incredible with plaid.

Get the Bear Lines Brow Throw Pillow from Home Depot for $25.99

14. A pillow worth its weight in a pot of gold

This pillow is fun and colorful, all things a throw pillow should be. (Photo: World Market)

Dorothy might have wondered about what lay over the rainbow, but she also knew that there’s truly no place like home. This whimsical pillow combines the allures of both. Crafted from different styles of tufted embroidery for a unique textural look, the brightly colored rainbow design pops on an ivory background.

Get the Tufted Rainbow Cotton Throw Pillow from World Market for $29.99

15. A pillow to make your porch cozier

Is it a doormat? Is it a pillow? (Photo: Winston Porter)

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space that fits an entire couch, you’re going to need outdoor throw pillows. Why not go for one that doubles as a welcome mat? Invite your guests to get cozy outside with this typography pillow featuring two fun fonts. The screen-printed pillow comes in eight colors—you’re welcome to take your pick.

Get the Tomblin Welcome to Our Porch Indoor/Outdoor Lumbar Pillow from Wayfair for $36.99

16. A pillow that shows your love for abstract art

That you, Picasso? (Photo: World Market)

Let’s face it: art can be expensive. This quirky mustard yellow pillow featuring an abstract portrait design crafted from a single line of piping, on the other hand, is pretty affordable. Add an artful touch to your couch—or your porch. This pillow can be used inside or out, and is sure to strike a conversation wherever it sits.

Get the Gold Contour Face Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow from World Market for $29.99

17. This pillow that doubles as a good luck charm

We’re evil eyeing it for ourselves. (Photo: World Market)

Despite its name, the evil eye talisman is thought to bring its owner good luck and protect against bad juju. These days, we’ll take all the help we can get. Even if you don’t believe in good luck charms, you can’t deny the funky appeal of this pillow featuring different types of embroidery for eye-catching contrast. It’s a real looker.

Get the Teal And Black Evil Eye Gusseted Throw Pillow from World Market for $29.99

18. A pillow for commuters turned work from home warriors

Metro who? (Photo: Estella)

Our daily commute these days involves traveling from our bed to the couch, but we’re loving this fun pillow in the shape of a now bygone relic—the MetroCard. Hand-knit in Peru, this super-soft bright yellow pillow offers unlimited rides to snuggle city. Mind the gap!

Get the New York City MetroCard Décor Pillow from Estella for $60

19. A pillow with a very clear message

Read the pillow. Live the pillow. (Photo: Threshold)

Heed this pillow’s embroidered advice and get busy doing a whole lot of nothing. A helpful reminder when you find yourself answering emails at 10 pm because the couch is now your office. It doesn’t hurt that this pillow with contrasting navy and cream sides also offers lumbar support for optimum comfort.

Get the Lumbar “Relax” Embroidered Pillow from Target for $19.99

20. A pillow with attitude

This pillow looks just as good outdoors as it does indoors. (Photo: Pottery Barn)

Lose the hassle, gain some tassels. This understated pillow comes in three neutral shades and features all-around tassel trim that adds a touch of interest to a classic shape. They’re reversible, so if you ever need to flip your pillow, you can do so without having to worry about seams or discoloration. They also work in both indoor and outdoor areas, so you can decorate to your heart’s desire.

Get the Tassel Trim Indoor/Outdoor Pillows from Pottery Barn for $28

21. A pillow you’ll want to pet

Fur real tho, you need this one. (Photo: Lush Decor)

This fuzzy pillow is made from faux fur. The softness is very real, however—we’re not sure if we want to cuddle up to it or pet it. Just careful with the red wine, since this bright white pillow is spot clean only. It would look best when paired with a colorful couch or bedroom setup, allowing it to stand out among a throng of solid-colored accents.

Get the Luca White Single Decorative Pillow from Home Depot for $20.39

22. A pillow for those who love dogs more than people

Where is the lie? (Photo: Winston Porter)

Speaking of pets, this humorous pillow is tailor-made for those who cohabitate with four-legged friends. Add a touch of levity to your living room with this screen-printed pillow featuring a dark paw print and witty saying. Reviewers think this pillow is adorably cute, pairing it alongside neutral-colored furniture and blankets.

Get the Kaelan Dog Lover Throw Pillow from Wayfair for $35.99

23. A festive pillow you’ll go out of your gourd for

It’s finally time for fall decor. (Photo: Heritage Lace)

It’s almost fall, and you know what that means…PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON. But you don’t have to be into the much-beloved (and much joked about) seasonal flavor to appreciate this gourd-geous pillow. Break it out come autumn to add a festive bit of flair to your couch.

Get the Decorative Pillows Polyester Standard Throw Pillow from Home Depot for $30

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