Kitchen design trends come and go—we’re looking at you, Formica counters and avocado-green refrigerator!—which means you might get sucked into a fad now and then. But despite all of these passing whims, there are certain classic kitchen looks that will never go out of style.

Certain kitchen decor styles endure for good reason: They are simply designed, are beautiful to behold, and tend to appeal to a wide audience. And since kitchens are expensive to build and upgrade, embracing timeless trends in this space is a smart move for homeowners.

So if you want a kitchen you’ll love for years to come (or maybe even sell sometime in the future), it’s smart to stick with what’s tried and true. To help in this endeavor,

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Whether you are adding a new shower in your bathroom or updating an old shower, walk-in showers with glass doors are still very popular.

When you are planning the project, you and your shower glass professional need to discuss what type of shower enclosure and glass doors will best meet your lifestyle.

The exact dimensions of your shower space will be needed, as well as how much room you have between the shower and other fixtures, and the amount of time you want to invest in daily cleanup.

 Frameless clear glass enclosures are still the most popular choice for showers. A protective coating can be added to protect the glass from hardwater and soap scum.

Frameless glass makes a space feel modern, larger and open. Clear glass allows you to showcase tilework, and beautiful hardware inside

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Growing plants from seeds can be a finicky process, but Click and Grow’s sleek Smart Garden 3 makes it practically effortless. This high-tech self-watering planter has a 40-ounce water reservoir and energy-efficient LED grow lights to provide your seedlings with the water and light they need. To set it up, just insert the plant pods, fill the water tank, and plug it in. Click and Grow offers more than 50 plant pods for you to choose from including basil, thyme, flowers, and kale. And if they don’t sell the kind of plant you’d like to grow, you can snag seedless soil pods, which you can use with any seeds you want. The Click and Grow is best for growing seedlings and small plants — since you may need to move plants to a larger pot if they outgrow their pods.

The Click and Grow comes with a 100% replacement warranty.

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  • Minimaliste Houses has unveiled its latest tiny home on wheels built on its Magnolia base, the Magnolia V6.
  • A typical Magnolia tiny home starts at around $97,195, but the V6 build totals to around $115,949.
  • The tiny home has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, storage loft, and living room that doubles as a workspace, 
  • Extra luxurious amenities include a dishwasher, hidden cat litter box, dishwasher, and a washer and dryer, to name a few.
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Quebec-based Minimaliste Houses has unveiled its latest tiny home on wheels, the Magnolia V6.

The tiny home is based on Minimaliste’s Magnolia, one of the company’s several base builds that clients can select from as a starting point. According to Minimaliste’s YouTube video tour of the V6, the exterior looks the same as a typical Magnolia build, but the interior has been completely redesigned to fit the needs of the

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