I don’t want to make generalizations, so I will just speak for myself: I personally cannot buy another Urban Outfitters crop top for as long as I live. This is a sad development because for a good portion of high school and college, I relied on the store to keep me in a steady stream of skinny pants and patterned dresses (and also these—it was a regrettable time). But I am 29 now, a grown person who wears mostly plain black t-shirts and mom jeans, and there is no place in my life or closet for the iridescent wedge sneakers of my youth. It is with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to Urban Outfitters, leaving it in the extremely capable and well-moisturized hands of America’s Teens.™ 

That is, except the home and kitchen section. 

The Urban Outfitters home and kitchen section objectively rules. Yes, it requires a bit

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