Home designs are getting updated based on what stay-at-home workers, learners need.

“Our home used to be an escape from the daily routine, and now more than ever it has become our shelter from the outside world. Now our home may be more part of our daily routine, too,” said Cristina Miguelez, remodeling specialist for Fixr, a resource for home remodeling projects.

“As more people are starting to work from home, do homeschooling, exercise at home or even enjoy the holidays at home, we may start having the need to ‘escape from home,’ which may translate into creating new spaces within our houses where we relax, where we work or where we carry out certain activities like exercising or studying. This will allow us to separate our routine from our respite.”

More and better designed spaces for people to gather is a practical fix, especially in kitchens as people cook

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There is nothing that says summer better than to be in touch with nature: going to the beach, swimming in a lake or planting flower beds.

Most of us love the casual comfort, color and charm of a garden setting. It is easy to transform your home into a garden oasis with a few simple design moves. It is even easier to refresh your home with a few botanical motifs.



Nature as a guiding theme in decor is classic. The relaxed appeal of outdoor-inspired interiors is one that your family and friends are sure to love.

The easiest and most obvious way to “garden up” your room is to bring in plants and flowers — the more, the better. On one hand, plants are recommended to help improve the quality of the air in a room. On the other hand, select your plants with care, especially if someone in your

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Here’s a stubborn, recurring dilemma. Your family is itching for a coronavirus escape. That means a road trip, which means trying to figure out a bathroom strategy. An increasing number of public restrooms are open, but not all of them. Additionally, there are still some among us who are not interested in public highway bathrooms at this particular moment.

a sign on a wooden surface: The Travel John is a disposable urinal in a bag, and it's finding new popularity among those who don't want to use public restrooms.

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The Travel John is a disposable urinal in a bag, and it’s finding new popularity among those who don’t want to use public restrooms.

It’s a real head scratcher, but I wasn’t about to let a little tinkle trouble stand between me and the open road. I’m a man of action, a man of ideas, and, apparently, I’m also now a man who urinates in plastic bags. COVID-19 has made 2020 mighty surreal, but for me the most surreal moment of them all was opening an umbrella in my

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The following is a news release from the Idaho Falls Community Food Basket.

IDAHO FALLS – Since the COVID-19 health crisis began in March, the Community Food Basket – Idaho Falls has seen its numbers of those seeking emergency food assistance skyrocket. An increase of 75%-100% in the number of people served each month now seems to be the norm versus even just 6 months ago.

The Idaho Falls Soup Kitchen has also had unpredictable numbers of patrons ranging from 100-150 meals served per day, seven days a week.

In March, both agencies asked all 65 of their committed volunteers to stay home and stay safe.

“We knew going into this process those same volunteers may not return to service. This is what has now happened. With so much uncertainty in the world right now and much of Idaho being considered a COVID hot spot, the majority of

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A fresh coat of paint is by far the easiest and cheapest way to breathe new life into a tired room. But you don’t have to pick just one color or even confine your creativity just to the walls. From soothing ombré to graphic murals and fabulous feature floors, we’ve rounded up the best paint techniques to transform your home. Click or scroll for more…

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Microsoft may earn an Affiliate

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a room with a sink and a mirror: null

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 Even if you don’t live in a period home, traditional bathroom ideas, are always so inspiring and can definitely be recreated even in a contemporary space. Classic bathroom designs are just always charming and welcoming – so we have rounded up some ideas to get you inspired.  Whether you are designing a traditional bathroom from scratch or just looking to add some period bathroom touches to your space, here is our selection of traditional bathroom ideas. 

Find more inspiration on our bathroom ideas page.

1. Make a feature of bathroom windows 

a large white tub sitting next to a window: (Image credit: Jody Stewart)

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(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

In a space with stand out original features – a beautiful stained glass window for example – opt for a light and neutral scheme. It’s an easy and effective way to make a traditional bathroom feel bright and spacious, while ensuring that an incredible

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In just a few short weeks, fall will officially be here. As the temperatures begin to drop and the days become shorter, that’s your sign from Mother Nature to tuck away your summer items and display your favorite fall decorations. And if you could use some new additions to your seasonal space, you’ve come to the right place. Bed Bath & Beyond currently has tons of autumn-inspired items available for great prices. (Plus, with that 20% off coupon, you can get an even better deal.) We selected six stylish items for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and front porch that are perfect for creating a fall-inspired scene at home.

a bowl of oranges on a table: Update your home with these top seasonal picks.

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Update your home with these top seasonal picks.

Pumpkin Crock

Use this gourd to hold Halloween candy, cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, or just display it in your kitchen all season long. It comes in

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Sekarang ini masih banyak remaja yang kurang peduli mengenai pentingnya menjaga polahidup sehat bagi dirinya. Ditengah banyaknya tugas dan kegiatan yang ada, banyak remaja yang lupa akan menjaga kesehatan fisiknya. Contohnya, ada dalam Artikel Kesehatan mengatakan sering bergadang tengah malam, banyak makanan instan dan olahraga yang tidak teratur. Hal ini membuat remaja kurang berenergi, kurang fokus dalam belajar dan dapat mengakibatkan kemampuan otak menurun.

Banyak remaja menyepelekan pentingnya menjaga kesehatan bagi diri sendiri. Masih banyak diantara mereka yang beranggapan bahwa penyakit akan datang menyerang saat usia mereka sudah mendekati tua. Pemikiran semacam itu yang merupakan kesalahan besar, karena penyakit tidak akan memandang siapa orang itu. Maka sebab itu remaja harus SehatQ.com masih perlu banyak belajar akan petingnya menjaga kesehatan bagi diri sendiri. Berbagai kebiasaan buruk remaja yaitu merokok dan yang lebih berbahaya adalah terjebak narkoba. Hal semacam itu sepertinya sudah dianggap biasa oleh sebagian remaja.

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Baffled internet users have shared the most hilarious design fails they have encountered in their day-to-day lives. 

The photographs, snapped by people around the world, were collated in a Bored Panda gallery after originally being shared on a Reddit thread. 

They range from inappropriate to amusing – including a brown-patterned toilet seat which looks like the scene of a messy bathroom incident and a fence randomly secured in the middle of a field. 

Another humorous picture shows an unfortunately placed sign which tells customers to ‘eat kids free’. 

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The Indigenous Food Lab is part of the nonprofit North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NāTIFS), founded by The Sioux Chef.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Inside Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, the Indigenous Food Lab is coming together.

The education and training center is part of the nonprofit North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NāTIFS), started by the company The Sioux Chef. 

“The company The Sioux Chef is… focused on reclaiming the foods of the Indigenous peoples, specifically the Lakota and the Dakota,” explained Dana Thompson, co-owner of The Sioux Chef and NāTIFS executive director and co-founder. “My family line is Dakota and Sean Sherman, my partner, is enrolled at Pine Ridge. So he’s Oglala Lakota.” 

Sherman received the 2019 James Beard Leadership Award for his “efforts around the revitalization and awareness of Indigenous food systems in a modern culinary context.” In 2018 his cookbook with Beth Dooley, The Sioux Chef’s

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