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Month: July 2020

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Want to add retro charm to your home? Then you have to follow some tips and tricks to get the look on-point. Mix and match of two or more different eras have been considered by many. And for this type of decor, you don’t necessarily have to break a bank and spend a load of money. You can utilize some hand-me-downs and classic finds from local flea markets and thrift stores. Retro style can be attractive and inspire feelings of nostalgia. And are mostly chosen by those who want to pay some kind of homage to styles and arts that were popular years ago. It is not necessary, that you have to find old and rugged stuff as there is newly made furniture produced that has a retro look.

When retro decor is considered the decor styles and items are usually from the 1950s, 60s, and

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The workplace has transformed. No longer confined to traditional work settings, many people, especially this time of year, may be opting to not only work at home but outdoors. How do you create both the ideal work environment and perhaps a sense of peace? Many homeowners are now investing in both their indoor and outdoor environments to more easily both work and relax in the comfort of their own homes.

Looking for ideas? Here are some functional options to help improve overall tranquility and well-being.

1. Build a pond. Ponds have long been an ideal source for calm. Add seating and a remote outdoor workspace, and a pond can be a source of both relaxation and creative inspiration.

2. Add a hammock. Hammocks can be a potential location to read documents or take a phone call.

3. Create a spa. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, a spa will help

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Cindy Kosloski, Home Builders Association of Greater Lansing
Published 3:10 p.m. ET July 16, 2020


Homeowners have transformed their living spaces into classrooms, home offices and gyms this year. With people spending more time at home, the future of home design is being reimagined. As homeowners seek out ways to maximize the functionality their living spaces, here are some of the budding trends in home design and renovation.

Modifying Mudrooms and Entryways

A simple area to take off jackets or rainboots when entering your home is no longer an afterthought. Now a focal point, home entryways and mudrooms are a space where mail is dropped off, groceries/delivery boxes are collected, face coverings are removed, or hands are sanitized. Future home design will take these activities in consideration when creating a functional, cohesive and

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Think embroidery is old-fashioned? Here’s why needlecrafts, crewel, and other nifty stitches are making a comeback, and how to decorate your home with them.


Needle crafts may seem like a throwback to the Victorian era—and pretty much the exact opposite of the way you’d like to decorate your home today. But we’re here to tell you that embroidery, crewelwork, and other nifty stitches are worth investigating again.

These looks are actually making a resurgence in part because people are getting tired of mass-produced, big-box home decor that has been dominating the market.

“Needlework shows more personality, less uniformity, and it matches the hot trend of self-expression,” says Drew Henry of Design Dudes.

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Demi Moore has blamed her ex-husband Bruce Willis for design features in the home where she is isolating which have gone viral.

The actress discussed the design of her bathroom on the Late Night With Seth Meyers programme after images of her recording a podcast in a bathroom with a thick brown carpet and a sofa were widely shared.

Moore said the design was a “Bruce Willis choice”.

She added that the house is in the mountains “where it gets very cold”.

“In all of the comments, I was most disappointed that nobody commented that the couch that was in there, which I’m sitting on right now, is a miniature couch,” she added.

Moore spoke to Meyers from the bathroom via videolink and added that she has been recording her Dirty Diana podcast in the room as

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A $59 kitchen ‘bench prep’ trolley, marble salt and pepper shakers and a $19 two-tier serving stand are among the new bargain buys to hit shelves at Kmart. 

Australian shoppers looking to restyle their homes can head into the low-end department store to get their hands on the latest collection with remarkably affordable price tags.

Among the deals are a $39 versatile chair designed for indoors or outdoors, an $18 cheese board with knife set and cookware items starting from just $3.

A $59 kitchen ‘bench prep’ trolley, marble salt and pepper shakers, a $19 two-tier serving stand, a $39 versatile chair, $18 cheese board and a set of two matte black bins are among the new bargain buys to hit shelves at Kmart

Kmart’s latest homewares range

Keep your kitchen space well organised with the easy-to-assemble $59 kitchen bench prep trolley – complete with wine rack, drawer and basket.

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Planning a new home or redecoration is an exercise in mental image projection: How will that sofa, armoire, or easy chair actually fit into your real space? Will colors clash? Will the new item look mismatched? Will it take up more room than the measurements imply and dominate the room? The optical illusion of complementary colors, size, and style often persists until you’ve taken the plunge and that particular item lands in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Home design apps, especially ones that employ some kind of 3D, augmented reality (AR), or virtual reality (VR) to simulate your environment, can help avoid rookie mistakes and alleviate the anxiety of a large purchase by giving you another way to envision and double-check how a new piece will fit into your current decor. Here are a few of the best ones we’ve found.

Are you looking for a home-based fitness system 

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One of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods is home to a cutting-edge new residential community.


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Called the Haciendas, the project will include more than six dozen high-design homes being built near Fort Worth Avenue in West Dallas.

The one-of-a-kind development is a project of Oaxaca Interests, the same company that built the popular Sylvan Thirty mixed-use development on Sylvan Avenue west of downtown.

Just a few blocks away, Oaxaca Interests has built the first four of what it plans to be a larger group of style-forward houses on North Edgefield Avenue.

Designed by award-winning architect Lake Flato of San Antonio and Austin, the homes marry an outside industrial look with bright and airy interior spaces.

They range in size from 1,550 to just under 1,900 square feet, with stucco exteriors and metal roofs, and they’re built in joined modules.

“The kitchen and living area is in one module, and the

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Ways the Coronavirus Will Change How We Design, Style, and Live in Our Homes, by Heather Scott Home & Design

The current health crisis has impacted so many aspects of day to day life, but it also can have lasting effects on how we view, use and design our personal spaces. Our homes now have transitioned into so much more than a place to rest. We now use our homes have transitioned into makeshift offices, gyms, classrooms, restaurants, cocktail bars, movie theaters, and more. With so many activities happening under one roof every day, we all have had to adapt to incorporate new functionality, and the way we look at these spaces is changing, too. More than ever our homes are a place to be comforted, safe, and inspired, which has made many

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Orlando Soria premiered his new HGTV show, “Build Me Up.” So, how do his home looks stack up against HGTV’s veteran designers’? Find out here.


Move over, “Property Brothers.” HGTV has just debuted a new home design show that’s perfect for today’s tumultuous times: “Build Me Up,” starring Orlando Soria.

Soria, who previously doled out design advice on “Unspouse My House” and “Secrets From a Stylist,” now helps refresh the homes of people undergoing a big life change. Whether that change involves divorce or family members moving in, Soria’s renovations prove all too well that shaking up your home environment is the perfect way to turn a new page.

And there’s lots to learn for anyone who’d like a new perspective on their

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