18 Different Types of Bathroom Styles

Collage of different types of master bathroom styles

Read on to learn about the most popular types of bathroom styles & the most common bathroom sizes. Included are pictures of each bathroom style, bar graphs.

A bathroom, especially a master bathroom, is more than just a washroom. Rather, it is a place of renewal and refreshment. It is a sanctuary away from the stressors of everyday life, a haven situated far from the chaos of the daily grind, and a place to relax and reinvigorate oneself. A bathroom is where you truly unwind. It is the place where you are able to take hot bubble baths, soothing hot showers, and cleanse yourself of the dirt and grime of the everyday world.

Bathrooms are supremely important, and as your designated locale for relaxation, it should be tastefully decorated in materials, colors, textures, and ornaments that are reflective of your individual personalities and bring forth happy feelings from within.

Your bathrooms should serve as a place of inspiration and happiness. Whether it is sleek modern styling you love and adore or rustic farmhouse details, there is a bathroom decor style perfect for you and your needs. Read on to learn about the most popular bathroom styles and the most common bathroom sizes. Included are pictures of each bathroom style, bar graphs showing key design elements of each style, and informative charts showing the popularity rates of each style.

Most Popular Bathroom Styles

We analyzed 1,027,000 bathroom designs and from that data was able to set out in what percentage each style is used in bathrooms.  In other words, this data presents the most popular bathroom styles.  Below is a table and charts setting out the percentage each style is used in bathroom decor.

Bathroom Style Popularity Rate of Bathroom Style
Victorian  .30%
Traditional  26.97%
Tropical  .44%
Transitional  15.51%
Rustic  2.0%
Southwestern  .2%
Shabby-chic  .24%
Scandinavian  .49%
 Contemporary  29.51%
 Eclectic  2.32%
 Modern  12.43%
 Beach style  2.2%
 Craftsman  2.21%
 Farmhouse  1.48%
 Industrial  .45%
 Mediterranean  2.02%
 Midcentury .71%
 Total bathrooms surveyed 1,027,730

Bathroom Styles Chart

Bathroom Style Chart


Bathroom Styles Overview Chart

Below is a bathroom styles overview chart.  The links take you to the photo gallery for that style of bathroom.

Bathroom Type Key Design Elements of Each Bathroom Style
Victorian Jewel tones, gold accents, ornate rugs, marble, porcelain, claw-foot tubs
Tropical Airy, plenty of light, green plants, white accents, jute, exotic woods, minimal ornamentation
Transitional Best of both worlds. Mixes a little bit of the old with a little bit of the new. Traditional yet modern
Rustic Similar to farmhouse or country styling with a bit of Craftsman flair. An emphasis on natural woods, durable materials, and expert craftsmanship
Southwestern Native American and indigenous influences. Vividly printed and patterned tapestries. Handmade baskets, Mixed woods and finishes
Shabby-chic Sweetly romantic. Pink, pastels, lace, flowers, lots of distressed white paint for a vintage effect
Scandinavian Practical and efficient styling with a nod to minimalism. Straight lines, simple aesthetic, lack of frills and ornamentation
Contemporary Open space, straight lines, clutter-free. Emphasis is on the beauty and quality of the materials used throughout the setting. Clean, fuss-free environment
Eclectic A carefully curated and handpicked collection of beloved items, colors, textures casually and effortlessly thrown together for a cool vibe and laid back appeal
Modern Crisp, clean, sparse, and minimally appointed. Bold colors, chrome accents, high contrast elements
Beach style Ocean themes. Watery hues, various shades of blue and turquoise. Sand, seashells, jute, straw, and crisp white accents for a beachy feel
Craftsman Expertly crafted artisanal furniture is the focus in this style. Ornate cabinetry is brimming with art detailing. Durable, long-lasting, and sturdy. Practical. Functional
Farmhouse Casual country cool. Sliding barn doors. Wire baskets. Distressed paint. Vintage, handcrafted details like knobs and drawer pulls. Open ceilings and exposed beams
Industrial Utilitarian cool. Chrome. Metal. Minimalist colors like black and white with small pops of contrasting color
Mediterranean Old-world feel. Ornate rugs and tapestries. Intricate tile mosaics. Large natural or terracotta tiles. Airy, open spaces. Grecian elements combined with a European aesthetic
Midcentury Vintage cabinetry and furniture. Kitschy details. Eames-era styling

18 Styles of Bathrooms Explained with Photo Examples

1. Contemporary Style Bathroom

Luxury contemporary master bathroom with walk-in shower and dark wood flooring.

Clean lines, clutter-free expanses of open space, and minimalist adornment are all hallmarks of contemporary style bathrooms. Expect to see plenty of polished hardwood, metal accents, and a clean and simple color palette in this type of décor.

Light and dark elements are often used together to create visual contrast. Simplicity is at the heart of contemporary styling, and the focus is on the details. Look closely for high-quality door pulls and knobs made from muted brushed metals in addition to countertops and flooring constructed from durable stone, wood, or tile.

2. Eclectic Style Bathroom

Eclectic style master bathroom

Eclectic styling is inclusive of a little bit of everything. A carefully curated collection of design elements comprises the décor of the eclectic bathroom. Expect the unexpected in these types of settings.

A fleur-de-lis pattern in an unexpected yellow or perhaps a sparkling crystal chandelier with gold patina accenting. Unusual color choices and a mix of textures, materials, and finishes are common in this style.

3. Modern Style Bathroom

Modern style master bathroom

Modern style bathrooms are bold, strong, and simple with clean and straight lines and an absence of clutter. Straight lines are a defining feature of modern styling bathrooms and are exhibited in countertops, sinks, and even artwork.

Top quality materials such as stone, porcelain, teak, and marble are common elements of modern design, in addition to small pops of color from art or fresh greenery.

4. Traditional Style Bathroom

Traditional style master bathroom example

Traditional style bathrooms emphasize comfort, functionality, and practicality.

Classic colors punctuate this design setting. Polished wood, complementary colors, and the usage of glass, tile, and marble are all integral parts of traditional bathrooms.

Typically neutral in tone, traditional bathrooms are comfortable, relaxing, and inviting.

5. Asian Style Bathroom

Asian style master bathroom

Asian style bathrooms are sparingly adorned and maximize open space, air, and light. Fresh green plants accentuate the bathroom space and provide gentle bursts of color and contrast.

Asian style bathrooms typically utilize an array of soft browns, beiges, and cream colors, and may feature polished wood flooring and accents, marble, or tile.

6. Beach Style Bathroom

Beach style master bathroom

Beachy style bathrooms take design cues from the ocean and its surrounding beauty.

Cool shades of watery blue and aqua are used to create a calming and relaxing effect. Decorative ornamentation can include jute fabrics, seashells, sand, ocean-themed art, and a variety of complementary colors. Crisp white accents lend a fresh burst of vitality to the bathroom and highlight the cool and subdued blue and green hues.

7. Craftsman-Style Bathroom

Craftsman style master bathroom

Craftsman styling places a significant emphasis on artisanal and handcrafted wood period pieces with high levels of details and accents.

Craftsman style cabinetry is a great example of the kind of intricate detailing that is so readily abundant in this style. Quality and durability are the aims of a Craftsman bathroom.

Design components tend to be of exceptional quality and may include granite, glass, and metal detailing.

8. Farmhouse Style Bathroom

Farmhouse style master bathroom

See the rest of this home above.

Farmhouse style bathrooms are very popular these days. Part rustic and part country, with a dash of modern flair, farmhouse style bathrooms are full of unique details.

Sliding barn doors on tracks are a popular design element. Typical of this style are high ceilings with open beams, generous amounts of polished wood, and plenty of white, glass, and contrasting details.

9. Industrial Style Bathroom

Industrial style master bathroom

Similar to modern style bathrooms, industrial style is about minimalism, bold colors, high contrast pairings, and a coolly pervasive element of sleekness and simplicity.

Mixed woods, white accents, and marble countertops are common design elements. Notice the crisp white subway tiling in this master bathroom picture and how it contrasts so crisply with dark brown wood, along with the warmer hued brown of the floor.

10. Mediterranean Bathroom

Mediterranean style master bathroom

Mediterranean style master bathrooms are brimming with opulent details. Woven rugs in rich colors adorn the floors or walls. Natural colored tile is accented by rich, dark brown wood, and luxurious metal detailing.

Textures, lighting, and generous amounts of bold contrasting colors define the Mediterranean styled bathroom in a signature fashion.

The overall look and feel of the setting are distinct with Greek and European undertones throughout the space.

11. Midcentury Bathroom

Midcentury style master bathroom

Midcentury style bathrooms utilize vintage furniture in the Eames style and adorn it with beautiful ornamentation like brushed gold metals and large mirrors in unique shapes.

Kitschy Vintage details in fun colors are integral parts of the Midcentury look and vibe. The midcentury style used color as a punchy accent to add contrast and visual appeal. Swaths of fresh and crisp white are used to give this environment a serene feel.

12. Scandinavian Bathroom

Scandinavian style master bathroom

Scandinavian style bathrooms are about simplicity, elegance, and functionality. An emphasis is placed on clean lines and an overall uncomplicated and easygoing casual aesthetic.

Dark and light colors are used in a complementary fashion to unify design components and create cohesion.

Free of clutter, adornment, and excessive ornamentation, Scandinavian styling is reminiscent of contemporary style bathrooms.

13. Shabby-Chic Style Bathroom

Shabby chic style master bathroom

The shabby-chic style is replete with sweetly romantic details. Copious amounts of distressed white are used in this style along with plenty of soft pastel color accents.

Lacy materials, floral patterns and artwork, brushed metal accents, and ribbon detailing are ubiquitous sights in the shabby chic style.

An emphasis on air, light, and open space give this style concept a lightly refreshing feel that invites calm and relaxation.

14. Southwestern Bathroom

Southwestern style master bathroom

A bathroom styled in the Southwestern style will often feature Native American elements alongside Southwestern style notes.

Expect to see a mixture of natural woods, handwoven tapestries, and rugs with an indigenous feel, plenty of raw materials and organic finishes, and handcrafted artisanal items such as baskets, pottery, and vases.

Detailed prints and intricate patterns are commonplace accouterments in Southwestern décor.

15. Rustic Style Bathroom

Rustic style master bathroom

Above home designed by Wade Design Architects – see the home here.

The Rustic style bathroom is similar to the Craftsman style, as well as the country and farmhouse style.

An abundance of wood is seen in Rustic styling, with an emphasis on raw and organic finishes. Craftsmanship is an imperative part of this decor, as durability is one of the main aims of Rustic style construction.

Expect hardy materials along with plenty of handcrafted artisan touches that are top quality and simplistic in their design.

16. Transitional Style Bathroom

Transitional master bathroom style example

Transitional style bathrooms encompass the best of both worlds in that the style utilizes both old and new design elements.

Wood, stone, glass, and exotic finishes are not uncommon in these types of bathrooms. Unique details such as patterned floors, dark-finished metals, and artisan door handles will all find a place in the Transitional style décor scheme.

Transitional styling aims to achieve both functionality and practicality alike.

17. Tropical Style Bathroom

Tropical style master bathroom

Tropical style bathrooms usually feature a simple design aesthetic with a focus on lush green foliage and the top quality craftsmanship of the materials used throughout the bathroom.

Expect to see an exotic stone or polished wood floors, open ceiling beams, plenty of greenery, and raw detailing with a natural flair. Open layouts offering copious amounts of light and space are typical of these bathroom styles.

18. Victorian Style Bathroom

Victorian style master bathroom

The Victorian style bathroom features design elements such as jewel-tone tiling, gold trim accenting, floral prints, claw-foot bathtubs, and pedestal sinks.

Common decorative touches include painted knobs and handles, intricate rugs, and a mixture of various colored woods and finishes.

The color white is prominent in a Victorian bathroom and is strongly represented through porcelain furnishings.

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