16 Best Garden Ideas for Inspiration

Elaborate, practical and simple garden ideas are in no short supply thanks to an increasing number of green thumb gardeners seeking tips and advice to perfect their outdoor space. 

While we love having access to all the epic landscaping ideas and garden design pictures out there, we know how overwhelming it can be.

Manicured hedge maze in garden design

Want a wow-factor garden idea? Try a hedge hedge maze like this one. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

We spoke to four experts of beautiful home garden design in the hope to reign it in and share some of the tips, tricks and best-ever garden ideas they recommend. 

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1. Vertical gardens

“If your garden is tight on space, a vertical garden is a great way to transform a dull wall into a bright growing space that brings colour and life into your small garden,” says Bunnings’ garden decor buyer, Lauren Civelle.

Vertical garden with pot plants on wall

One of the best modern garden design ideas is the vertical garden. Picture: Bunnings

“A vertical garden can be easily made with vertical garden kits that are suitable for outdoor spaces of all sizes, particularly in small garden designs. If you’re after a fun DIY project, you could even build your own vertical garden from scratch.”

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2. Neat garden hedging

“We’re seeing lots of green fences, green walls, neat hedging, modern driveways and simple front garden designs featuring paths to the front of the house from the fence or the street,” says Jason Hodges, landscaper and Adbri Masonry ambassador.

“Look into a water-friendly permeable driveway when considering landscaping ideas for your front yard.”

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established hedge in front garden

A formal front garden behind an established hedge. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

3. Outdoor heating

In winter it’s all about feature heating and feature lighting so you can enjoy your outdoor space during the cooler months.

4. Indoor/outdoor living

“To bring the inside out, think style, comfort and practicality,” says Ben Shanley, Bunnings furniture buyer.

“Look for outdoor settings that have a rust-resistant aluminium frame so they’re both stylish and hardy enough to resist all types of weather.”

Outdoor garden bench seat and manicured lawn

This backyard is complemented by sandstone paving, rendered walls and terraced gardens. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

5. Functional outdoor blinds

“Outdoor blinds such as roller, retractable and roll-up blinds are practical ideas for any home garden design. Bistro blinds are great if you want to cover a larger area, while market or cantilever umbrellas are easy, portable options,” says Ben.

outdoor blinds in modern alfresco area

Outdoor blinds that allow you to take in your garden when you want to, and close it off when the elements take control, help ensure your alfresco area can be enjoyed year round. Picture: Luxaflex

6. Garden beds

Garden beds that run along the face of the home can create another level and dimension to the garden that is unique and inviting.

7. Outdoor showers

“Calming coastal hues and natural materials create a beach chic feel at home, so use fabrics and furniture that have a breezy, relaxed feel,” says Kylie Schlick, interior design consultant and property stylist.

“Incorporate elements such as the now-popular outdoor shower, and hardy, low-maintenance plants such as succulents, agaves and bushy shrubs to keep the relaxed vibe going.”

Tip: Look to garden pictures for inspiration on Pinterest.

outdoor shower in tropical garden oasis

If you have the space, creating a private, outdoor shower amid an oasis-like garden is an idea that packs real punch. Picture: Hualalai Realty

8. Decorative screen panels

These creative statement pieces can act as both a decorative focal point and privacy screen to your garden.

9. Veggie gardens  

Kylie shares three ways to add flair to your garden design, including the all-important veggie garden:

  1. Fire pits are big this year, and can be sculptural elements for the garden in themselves.
  2. Mix elements of old and new, or natural and man-made, to create an effortlessly relaxed and unique look.
  3. Start an edible garden – they look great and encourage sustainable living.
Garden design pictures of veggie patch

A raised veggie patch is a great way to add visual flair and functionality to your garden design. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

10. Eye-catching plants and greenery

“Some great front yard landscaping ideas include less hedges and structured planting, and more locally sourced plants,” says Kylie.

“Sandstone or limestone paths, and regardless of space, pot/container gardening is certainly on trend. So brighten up your front entrance with statement pots and greenery.”

front gate and shrubs in front garden

An eye-catching front garden gate designed by Heidi Garden Art is the perfect entrance into your home. Picture: Supplied

11. Entrance plants or pot plants

“The front entrance is the first thing your guests see when invited around for a visit,” says Bunnings’ landscaping expert Katrina Large.

If you don’t have a front entrance, and only have a small terrace, courtyard or balcony, this will be the place to feature some beautiful pot plants.

stairs and greenery

Don’t forget to make it lush so your terrace or balcony garden is a great place to be. Picture: Lisa Cohen Photography

“Entrance plants in stylish pots either side of the front door, or scattered around your terrace, are a popular way to welcome guests and set an inviting tone for your home.”

12. Deck and wall lights

“Lighting up the exterior and entryway to your home can make a huge difference. Use wall and deck lights to be as subtle or pronounced as you please,” says Katrina.

13. Garden edging

“Garden edging adds an important landscape touch, it can be used to create functional and attractive garden borders, defining the shape of the overall garden design,” says Katrina.

14. Decorative welcome mats

“While not an obvious part of the garden, fun entrance mats can be the finishing touch that adds a personal feel to your front or backyard,” says Katrina.


Pillow Talk’s warm welcome mat. Picture: Pillow Talk

15. Outdoor lighting

“Your lighting selection will be subject to the structures you have available in your existing garden design,” says Jason.

“Cabanas, for example, are very fashionable and feature lighting inside, while pergolas provide vertical and horizontal opportunities for fixed lighting.

“For special gatherings, use the trees in your garden to place fairy lights or string festoon lighting back to the house.”

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garden lighting decoration ideas using lanterns

16. Balcony gardens

If you have a super small space and are seeking a no-fuss way to get into gardening, a balcony garden has your name written all over it.

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