Home decor from 99p! Barnardo’s x @LittleBigBell Virtual Homewares Pop Up is open this week only

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a cake made to look like a cup: Barnardo's has launched an exciting virtual homewares pop-up shop to showcase the affordable, sustainable and on-trend home decor available at charity shops across the UK.

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Barnardo’s has launched an exciting virtual homewares pop-up shop to showcase the affordable, sustainable and on-trend home decor available at charity shops across the UK.

There’s an exciting virtual homewares pop-up shop taking place right now to showcase the affordable, sustainable and on-trend home decor available at charity shops across the UK.

Barnardo’s have teamed up with medical doctor and interiors blogger, Geraldine Tan, known as @LittleBigBell for the campaign, which sees stylish homewares starting from just 99p.

Geraldine has curated a collection of pre-loved items donated by Bombay Duck London, Kitty McCall, Catherine Rowe designs and Eleanor Bowmer, to name a few.

And, she has also kindly donated a number of her own personal homewares, many of which have featured on her Instagram account.

All items big and small will start at just 99p via the charity’s eBay page and will be open to bidding for one

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IKEA Brings Kitchen Design to Virtual Reality

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IKEA has turned remodeling your kitchen into an HTC Vive VR game.

The Swedish furniture giant has launched a virtual reality app called the IKEA VR experience, just in time as the first HTC Vive headsets begin shipping today.

The pilot app which is available on Steam VR and built using Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, lets Vive headset owners design their own virtual Ikea kitchen that is true to size. Once inside the app, you can explore one of three differently-styled kitchen room settings and change the color of cabinets and drawers with a click.


Change the color of cabinets.

Another feature is the ability to view the VR kitchen from different perspectives by either shrinking or stretching yourself to move around the kitchen at the size of a 3.3 foot-tall child or a 6.4 foot-tall adult. This could be a very useful feature, allowing you to walk

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Virtual garden tours: Top ten

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We’ve rounded up our top 10 virtual garden tours that you can take part in right now. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll journey to each garden – instead, have a nose around stunning plots from Scotland to Kent from the comfort of your own sofa.

Virtual garden tours around UK gardens

1. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RGBE)

Spring looks good on Edinburgh Botanic, as can be seen in two spring 2020 videos shot here by horticultarlist Kirsty Wilson. Take in beautiful carpets of crocus and daffodils as well as the bright blooms of forsythia, cherry blossom and magnolia up above. To watch more videos of RGBE’s four Scottish gardens, visit vimeo.com.

2. Arundel Castle

This is only a ‘teaser’ video from the team at Arundel Castle to show us the glorious grounds during its biggest annual tulip festival to date. If this is a teaser, we

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New Orleans City Park: Take a virtual tour of the New Orleans Botanical Garden

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The New Orleans Botanical Garden attracts visitors year round to experience 10 acres of lush greenery and striking sculptures.

The seeds for City Park’s beautiful garden were planted in the 1930s, and the Botanical Garden remains one of the few examples of public garden design from the Art Deco period.

Today, the natural escape features more than 2,000 plants from around the world.

Photo courtesy: New Orleans City Park

Over the years, the Botanical Garden has undergone dramatic improvements including the newest addition in 2019. City Park opened a large outdoor Kitchen in the Garden, a new culinary event space and hub for food education.

Even though the Botanical Garden is shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can still virtually take a stroll through the garden.

Pair our video tour with this virtual tour offered by City Park and the map below for the ultimate at-home experience. City

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You can now take a virtual tour of the New York Botanical Garden’s gorgeous tulip garden

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The New York Botanical Garden remains temporarily closed, but springtime weather is bringing vivid blooms to the grounds!

With essential staff still on-site at the beloved Bronx-based garden, caring for their collection of florals, they took to capturing the blooms unfolding so New Yorkers won’t miss a beat.

The vivid colors of our many varieties of tulip are creating a confetti of petals in yellow, red, pink, and more for the essential staff caring for our collections. End your day with a calming walk among the tulips at NYBG,” they wrote on their website. 



Courtesy NYBG


You don’t need to wait to leave your apartment to relish the spring and see thousands of tulips in a bright field. You can also check out other florals in the Botanical Garden’s spring landscape like the rhododendrons, daffodils, magnolias over their 250 acres. They’re also offering a

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Delightful Virtual Garden Tours – Hever Castle

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virtual garden Tours to Enjoy at Home

Spring has well and truly arrived at Hever Castle, and while you cannot enjoy a visit to the award-winning gardens right now, there’s no better time to take one of the virtual garden tours of the estate.

With many of us now in self-isolation, why not make the most of your downtime and take a visual journey through Hever Castle & Gardens with your feet up in the safety of your own home.

April is a wonderful time to view the gardens in this virtual garden tour as spectacular carpets of late daffodils bloom across the estate. The grass is lush and green and the blossoms of the fruit trees are pink and delicate in the orchard. Walls are covered in camellias and tulips provide a kaleidoscope of colour along Pergola Walk. Spring bedding includes heavily scented hyacinths in Blue Corner and bluebells

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Global Virtual Kitchen Market Research Report- Forecast 2023

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2020 candidates and virtual campaigning: From Kennedy’s kitchen to Biden’s basement

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“Use the top of your knife,” Boston chef Tiffani Faison gently coached over the video conference screen as the four-term congressman struggled to remove the bird’s backbone, one of the first steps in preparing Faison’s soy- and cola-infused poached chicken.

This is political campaigning in the age of coronavirus — an exercise that requires novel approaches from candidates who are sidelined by the pandemic from face-to-face retail politics and traditional fundraising. They’re confronting the challenge of breaking through the hourly doses of grim news from the outbreak’s front lines.

“While many folks have done parts of this before, nobody has ever had to run an entirely online campaign before,” said Amanda Litman, executive director for Run for Something, which helps progressive under-40 candidates. “We’re all figuring it out together.”

The approaches vary. For instance, Wendy Stolyarov, a Democrat running for city council in Sparks, Nevada, created mutual aid postcards emblazoned
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Take Virtual Class From Your Kitchen With These 6 Ballet Pros

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One of the hardest parts of hunkering down to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is giving up our daily routines. And for dancers, that means class.

Last week we shared a number of online teaching platforms, but now there are even more options. Over the weekend a handful of pros stepped forward to share that they’ll be giving virtual class via Instagram or Facebook Live. So stake a claim to your kitchen counter, and start organizing your schedule for the week.

Tiler Peck 

New York City Ballet star Tiler Peck is giving class from her family’s home in Bakersfield, CA. She wrote on Instagram that she was scheduled to teach an advanced class at her sister’s dance school, but given the circumstances decided to open it up to the public.

Where: @tilerpeck Live

When: Monday, March 16 at 10 am PST/1 pm EST

Chun Wai Chan 

“Trust me,” wrote Houston

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Joys of (virtual) Spring: Cambridge University streams online garden tours

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LONDON (Reuters) – Spring is normally a busy season for Cambridge University Botanic Garden but as Britain enters its third week of enforced lockdown, visitors are absent – the lilacs and daffodils flowering for no one.

But the gardeners have found a way to ensure their 8,000-plus species do not go unappreciated, by starting free virtual tours that allow people to download the delights of Spring.

Their weekly “wellness wanders” are short videos which take the viewer around the 174-year-old garden.

In last week’s video, head of horticulture Sally Petit, showed off springtime plants such as Narcissus “Jack Snipe” daffodils and Syringa “Buffon”, a type of lilac now beginning to flower.

Birdsong can be heard overhead as she walks around, describing light levels and the smell of different plants in the scented garden.

The next tour will feature the strongylodon macrobotrys, a huge jade plant from the Philippines which is

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