74 Luxurious Marble Bathroom Designs

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Marble is a royal material, it’s refined and expensive. It’s the best and most exquisite material for a bathroom design due to its look and durability; from the ancient times it’s a material to make bathrooms and saunas. There are several types and shades of marble, it combines with wood and stone well. Marble lets to make a minimalist bathroom but more often designers create exquisite and refined décor in vintage style. Exquisite bathroom appliances and retro touches make marble shine and look even more delicate. It’s number one material for feminine bathroom designs and can be used for masculine spaces, too – just imagine a black marble bathing space! Here are some options to consider.

Marble Tiles

If you aren’t ready to splurge on real marble, think of marble tiles – they never go out of style just like marble itself. You may choose various shades – from more

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36 Bathtub Ideas With Luxurious Appeal

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What could be more relaxing than a nice long soak? The answer: soaking in a tub that looks as good as it feels! When it comes time to unwind, slipping into those shimmering suds feels like a mini-vacation. And compared to hitting the spa for some well-deserved “me time”, a luxurious tub is an indulgence that pays for itself time and time again. Whether you’re looking for the latest features or just want something that fits your carefully coordinated decor, this curated collection of designer bathtubs is sure to inspire. So dim the lights, put on some soft music, and sink into the tub of your dreams.

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Best food bars and food stations with luxurious decor style

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 All these yummy food bar ideas makes me want to party all day long. Whether it’s a brunchathon, a wedding, a sleep over, a birthday party or a movie night. These best party food bars and food stations are great for backyard party, garden party, boat/ ship party, indoor/ hall party and even beach party. There are a variety of ideas for a party food bar to serve your guests in the best possible way. Find high-tea, brunch, lunch, dinner and more party ideas with breakfast bars, dessert bars, candy bars, drink stations, cocktail bars, and snack stations with wholesome food bar ideas as well. This post is enough to keep your ideas flowing and brainstorm you into elite styled luxurious food bars (food stations) decor.


Food bars and Food stations


Best food bars and food stations ideas


Breakfast Food Bars


diy pancake bar

 DIY Pancake Bar by Buzz Feed

build your own breakfast parfait

 Build Your Own Breakfast Parfait by Oh Sweet Basil


Build your own crostini bar


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