7 Awesome Layouts That Will Make Your Small Bathroom More Usable

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Taking a bath should be one of the easiest ways to relax after a long day. You can either unwind in your hot tub or let a rainfall shower wash away your stress. Yet, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a lavish bathroom that can fit luxury fixtures. Chances are, you live with a small bathroom, where you always bump into the door or vanity when you undress or step into the shower. What’s worse, your bathroom can’t accommodate more than one adult. Hence, you’ll agree that having a bath is indeed a daily struggle, causing more stress.

Yes, you can have luxury in your small bathroom!

Don’t fret just yet. Before you throw a bunch of money in bathroom expansion, try to re-examine the layout of your existing bathroom. A well-planned layout will help solve the above issues, but beware, you’ll have to make a few compromises, such

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Bathroom Layouts

frank lampard

By Meg Escott

I’ve created some pages of bathroom layouts to help you on your way on your building or remodeling project. Well designed bathrooms are an important part of a well designed home.  And the thing about bathroom layouts is that they can’t be changed without huge expense and upheaval once they’re built.

Check out the principles of good bathroom design.

You can find more detail on all the symbols used in these bathroom pages on the floor plan symbols page.

On this page we’ll go over the principles of good bathroom design, bathroom design considerations and decisions on bathroom fixtures. 

Principles of Good Bathroom Design

  1. The bathroom must have sufficient space to use the bathroom, not just space for the fixtures. The door to the bathroom must be easy to move around and there should be space for taking clothes on and off and enough room
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