Visual Antique Lawn & Garden Tractors Show!

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Who doesn’t love antique lawn and garden tractors? There are big advantages to these smaller collectible antique tractors. Some will fit in the back of a pick up truck. They can be stored in the garage, they don’t take up a lot of space and although my husband Keith won’t appreciate this, they are just plain cute! COVID-19 is causing tractor show cancellations. So, I thought a visual antique lawn and garden tractor show might be just the thing!

Antique Lawn and Garden Tractors from a nearby town.

Not that far from my hometown is Sullivan, Illinois where the George Tools Company produced this cool antique lawn and garden tractor the “Workbird”. This is one of 300 made. The company has a unique story that is very cool in its own right! We saw this wonderful tractor on display in Atkinson, Illinois at the Vintage Farm Equipment show this past

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Sustainable lawn care: growing from seed

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Create a more sustainable lawn by fostering resilience in your grass, and by altering how you maintain it, our April magazine feature advises (buy a copy here). That means leaving longer between mowings and letting the lawn grow longer in places to encourage lawn flowers, and with them, insects and birdlife. The other way to ensure a lawn is resilient is to sow grass seed suited to the conditions of your garden.

Sustainable lawn
Sustainable lawn care: Insect populations, and the birds that feed on them, will increase if a lawn is less intensively managed. Photo: Shutterstock

“In terms of sustainability, the biggest cost of a lawn to the environment are chemicals and mowing. A ‘bowling green’ or ‘billiard table’ lawn with stripes and no weeds at all has considerably higher inputs, but if you’re happy to have a lawn that’s not like that, there are a number of things you can

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Shop Lawn & Garden From Top Brands

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Practice Great Lawn and Garden Care All Year-Round

Earn credibility as the lawn care pro of your neighborhood with our selection of gardening tools, fertilizers, lawn decor, seasonal equipment and pest control supplies. True Value has everything you need for a landscape that your neighbors envies.

Gardening Tools: Find the tools you need for every phase of your gardening project. From planting something new or maintaining your current garden, count on us for rakes, hoes, shovels, trowels, cultivators and more. If you have a little one with a green thumb we even have gardening tools for kids.

Lawn Fertilizer: Want a lush, green lawn? Feed it one of our nutrient-rich fertilizers from our selection of granular, liquid and organic fertilizers featuring quick-release, timed-release and all-natural formulas.

Fencing & Planters: Bring shape and definition to your flowerbeds, trees and shrubs with our options in decorative fencing and edging. For your potted

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Lawn and Garden – UF/IFAS Extension

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With its warm, humid climate, abundant rainfall, and sandy soils, Florida presents unique challenges and unique opportunities for residents who enjoy gardening or just want to maintain a beautiful landscape. Whether you hope to grow your own vegetables, adorn the yard with gorgeous ornamentals, or simply keep your lawn neat and healthy, UF/IFAS Extension has resources that can help. If you’re interested in hands-on learning, UF/IFAS Extension county offices across the state hold classes led by experts who can help you develop a greener thumb.

The Florida Master Gardener Program offers a rigorous horticultural science curriculum that trains laypeople to become Master Gardeners. After being certified, they volunteer at UF/IFAS Extension offices, fielding questions and solving problems submitted by local residents. Whether you need help or want to help others, Florida Master Gardeners want to hear from you.

UF/IFAS Extension promotes good stewardship of Florida’s natural resources with information

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