Great Garden Gear for Kids

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Mother And Daughter Harvesting Radish On Allotment

While you’re waiting to get back in the garden, how about sharing and fostering your love of gardening with the children in your life? Giving them their very own tools and supplies can make them feel not only grown up, but also at home in the garden and excited to dig in, so to speak.  Here are a few options.


It’s easy to find gloves for little hands, but most of them are 100% cotton.  To ensure a secure grip, select cotton gloves that have palms dipped in rubber.

Hats & Sunscreen

While baseball hats for children are common, beach-style hats with wide brims provide better sun protection.  Better still are hats made with fabric that has substantial sun screening properties, such as UPF 50+ fabric to protect kids from the harmful effects of the sun.

Children’s sunscreen is a no brainer when it comes to little ones and

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5 reasons it’s important to get kids in the kitchen – Time & Money –

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Lack of knowledge and comfort level in the kitchen are primarily why Samantha Barnes founded Los Angeles-based Raddish, a monthly step-by-step cooking kit subscription service that provides recipe cards, grocery lists, kitchen tools and culinary education.

“Parents have had the excuse for years that there has been no time to teach their children how to cook,” said Barnes. “Now they have time. And kids experience a tremendous amount of pride and confidence when they plan, prepare and present food.”

She pointed out five benefits to getting kids in the kitchen:

1. “It’s a way for everyone to excel. They may struggle with fractions, but they read a recipe and use fractions in measuring and suddenly fractions make sense.”
2. “On a practical level, kids who cook eat. When we let kids make a salad dressing and wash salad greens, suddenly they are excited to eat it.”
3. “Skills last forever.”

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Spotify launches ‘walled garden’ app Spotify Kids to millions more users

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A few months after launching in some smaller markets, Spotify is launching the beta of its Spotify Kids app in Australia and the UK.

Spotify Kids is a “walled garden”, “designed with safety in mind”: an ad-free, and apparently algorithm-free environment separate to the main Spotify app. Every piece of content in the app — whether it’s chart pop, stories, or lullabies — is individually checked to ensure it’s actually age-appropriate, and everything’s sorted into human-curated playlists. 

The app itself is free, but signup is available only to users who pay for a Premium Family subscription, so it’s not ad-supported. And the company says kids’ data is fully encrypted — the only personal details entered at signup are their first name (or a nickname) and, if they want, their birthday so they get special messages and a playlist on the day. 

The interface for younger kids has softer, rounder imagery.

The interface for younger kids has softer, rounder imagery.

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Make a terrarium mini-garden | NASA Climate Kids

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Make a terrarium mini-garden

Photo of terrarium with succulent plants in a large, round fishbowl.

We planted succulents in our terrarium. We picked different shapes, colors, and sizes. Succulents need very little water.

A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish. It is made in just about any glass container. It is planted to look like a miniature garden or forest enclosed in its own little world.

You can easily make a beautiful terrarium yourself.

First, you want all the plants to thrive in the same kind of environment. For example, you could plant all succulents (including cactus), because they need very little water. Or you could plant all ferns, because they like it moist. You could put moss with the ferns, because moss likes it moist too. If you put a fern with a cactus, one or the other might not do well (the fern if it gets too dry, the cactus if it gets too

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