Keeping Cats Out of the Garden

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Keeping Cats Out of the Garden

University of Vermont Extension 
Department of Plant and Soil Science

Spring, Summer
News Article



By Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor

University of Vermont


Some people love cats. Others hate them. But whatever your feelings
about felines, chances are you probably don’t want them digging up your
garden. So, what do you do?

First, it helps if you can think like a cat. With the exception of a
few plants, catnip being the main one, cats really aren’t out to destroy
your beloved perennials or garden vegetables. What they really like is
the dirt. Most cats think the outdoors is their litter box, and a patch
of dirt is an invitation to come do their business. It also makes a great
place to play or roll.

One way to keep your own cats from roaming into the neighbor’s garden,

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