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Pantries, Carts and Islands

Pantries, carts and islands offer great ways to add storage and functionality to your kitchen. To find the best item for you, consider your needs and available space.

A food pantry has a closet-like design and provides storage space for shelf-stable foods, such as canned goods, rice and other grains, flour, sugar and oil. As you shop for a pantry, pay attention to dimensions and how shelves are arranged to make sure the pantry you choose will make good use of your space.

If you have a large kitchen, a stationary kitchen island is a great asset. Kitchen islands offer ample storage space for dishes, utensils and other kitchenware and can feature wine racks, spice racks or kitchen storage compartments. Many have surfaces that can be used as cutting boards, and some come with bar stools so that they can be used as tables.

For a

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Butcher Block Co. – John Boos Countertops, Tables, Islands & Carts

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We’re the leading online seller of high-quality wood countertops and butcher block kitchen islands, plus kitchen furniture, equipment and accessories. But our name sums it up: we specialize in butcherblock. BB Co. sells everything from old-fashioned butchers’ blocks to modern kitchen islands with seating; from rolling carts to butcher block tables; from small cutting boards and chopping blocks to expansive cutting board tables and kitchen island butcher block tops. Not only do we offer the best assortment of products for residential kitchens and home cooks, we also offer a wide range of products designed for commercial kitchens and embraced by professional chefs.

Edge-Grain, End-Grain and Blended Styles

Butchers use blocks constructed in a number of different styles. Visit our Help Center for an explanation of the differences. There you’ll learn that edge-grain boards feature long wooden rails that run the full length of

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Butcher Block Kitchen Island | John Boos Islands

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Kitchen Islands Are Like People Magnets

The kitchen is where families convene to share physical, as well as spiritual, sustenance. And kitchen islands are where friends gather to share a pot of coffee along with news of the day. But moving at today’s hectic pace, sometimes we only briefly catch a glimpse of those we love most as we scurry around the kitchen island, like ships passing in the night. And just as ships sometimes seek safe harbor from a storm, we too occasionally seek a calm port – a peaceful island in the midst of turbulence. That’s where a kitchen island or a large kitchen cart can prove invaluable. Just as magnets attract iron, kitchen islands and carts draw people near.

Butcher Block Islands Are Popular, Smart Investments

If you’re designing from scratch or planning a kitchen remodel, know that designers and home builders agree that kitchen islands are

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