Designing Dream Homes in Animal Crossing

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A peek inside the Animal Crossing dwelling of Jaime Brown, a real-life kitchen designer.

You enter Jaime Brown’s island at the airport, a rickety thing on a wooden pier out in the ocean with a single gate, staffed by two loquacious dodos. You walk on a long dirt path that winds through cliffs and waterfalls, past white roses and chrysanthemums, next to the occasional pink pansy. The structure comes into relief across a slatted bridge that crosses a little river filled with fish. It’s a light blue Tudor with a gray door that greets you with a wreath made of shells, a slate gray well just to the right, and a little seating area with a matching white birch couch and chair set on a white flagstone circle out front. It is unassuming, quaint, and quiet. Anyone who has attempted to create such a space in Animal Crossing: New Horizons,

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New West Dallas homes bring high design to an urban neighborhood

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One of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods is home to a cutting-edge new residential community.


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Called the Haciendas, the project will include more than six dozen high-design homes being built near Fort Worth Avenue in West Dallas.

The one-of-a-kind development is a project of Oaxaca Interests, the same company that built the popular Sylvan Thirty mixed-use development on Sylvan Avenue west of downtown.

Just a few blocks away, Oaxaca Interests has built the first four of what it plans to be a larger group of style-forward houses on North Edgefield Avenue.

Designed by award-winning architect Lake Flato of San Antonio and Austin, the homes marry an outside industrial look with bright and airy interior spaces.

They range in size from 1,550 to just under 1,900 square feet, with stucco exteriors and metal roofs, and they’re built in joined modules.

“The kitchen and living area is in one module, and the

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Hollywood’s Greatest Set Designers Share How They Decorate Their Own Homes

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a room with a book shelf: From the geniuses behind It's Complicated, Little Women, The Shape of Water, and more.

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From the geniuses behind It’s Complicated, Little Women, The Shape of Water, and more.

In the realm of film and television, the job of a set decorator is to source, design, and sometimes create the items that dress a set. They making sure that every object—from the furniture to the forks—is working in harmony to create a sense of place and character. Whether their mission is to deck out a tasteful California home, a Regency ballroom, or a haunted Gothic mansion, a set decorator’s specialty is making any set of circumstances come to life. But how do they approach decorating their own homes, when they’re free from having to follow a director’s vision? We spoke with four of the film industries most in-demand artists to get some easily applicable advice.

Start with a single key piece.

The whole idea for a particular room may come from one

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As Homes Serve More Purposes, Smart Decor is Key, Says L.A.-Based Designer

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Los Angeles-based designer Marissa Zajack, founder of Marissa Zajack Creative, recently marked her commercial interior design debut and the expansion of her creative studio with the launch of chic Downtown L.A. dining destination, Red Herring (which is currently available for pickup and delivery).

Ms. Zajack, who previously worked as a graphic designer in the entertainment industry, is also currently working on three residential projects in Los Angeles—her own four-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot apartment, one for the owners of Red Herring (after doing the restaurant, they hired her for their home), and one for a Hollywood industry executive.

Ms. Zajack’s previous work in the entertainment industry as a graphic designer has informed her current interior style, where she often applies a vibrant visual palette that is polished, but still fun.

More: London Interior Designers Say Light is Key to Creating Calming Spaces

Her portfolio now includes interior design, furniture design and graphic

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Incredible Rotating Circle Kitchen Is a Perfect Space-Saver For Tiny Homes

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Incredible Rotating Circle Kitchen Is a Perfect Space-Saver For Tiny HomesEnlarge Image

What’s the one room that most likely takes up the most room out of any area of your home? Probably your kitchen. You need a dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, stove, and plenty of storage space. But what if you could fit it all into one small rotating circle? Well, that’s just what this company has done, and it’s called the Circle Kitchen. It contains essentially everything you need in a kitchen, while taking up just a fraction of the space. It’s the perfect way to save tons of space in tiny homes and apartments!

The Circle Kitchen is designed and created by the German company Compact Concepts, and it takes up just 19.375 square feet of space, whereas an average kitchen size will measure around 150 square feet. Retail prices for the circular kitchen will range severely depending on what kind of options you’d like inside from as cheap as $6,500

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Peeping inside celebrities homes has become the new must-watch TV

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Trevor Noah, who has been broadcasting from a desk inside his Manhattan apartment amid the coronavirus pandemic, kicked off his Tuesday night edition of “The Daily Social Distancing Show” by addressing the many people who have emailed him to ask about his taste in objects and art.
“I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you online asking about things behind me. The other day people asked me why the plant was dying, so I’ve replaced it now,” he quipped.

He’s filled his space with art and books, like “Wild Beautiful Places,” a National Geographic photography book featuring shots from around the globe, along with a book about Barack Obama.

Noah said people were also curious about the “round things” in his home that look like sculptures.

“These are actually African heritage domes, which a mother hands down to her son to remind him of the bond they’ll always share,”

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NT Homes, Home Improvements Darwin | Home Improvements Palmerston

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Whether you are looking to make small improvements or completely renovate your home, NT Home Improvements can help you reach your goals while staying within your budget.
Our goal is to help you create a home of your dreams while making the process easy for you.
At NT Home Improvements we understand, we listen, we respect your wishes and we aim to minimise disruption along the way.
Over 10 years experience, combined with the highest quality standards, ensures we deliver the result that matches your vision and gives you the lifestyle you’re after.
So from the moments we meet with you to discuss your needs, right through planning and construction, and for many years beyond, you’ll be glad you chose NT Home Improvements.
For any queries feel free to call us @ 0417 860 608
» Interior painting
» Kitchen replacement and refurbishments
» Bathroom renovations
» Hot water systems
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BBC – Homes – Design

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Kitchens are at the heart of modern homes, so space is at a premium. Yet there are many essential items and appliances that need to be located in the kitchen.

If you’re thinking of redesigning your kitchen, shop around and get at least three quotes, as the cost of the design and installation can vary widely.

The golden triangle

Much is spoken of the ‘golden triangle’ principle of kitchen design and there are many variations on the theme, but the over-riding common sense principle is that the most used equipment and work areas should be grouped together to allow the user to operate effectively and efficiently while cooking.

The problem with the triangle theory is that individuals rank their most used equipment differently. Some would choose the cooker, refrigerator and sink, others might add a dishwasher or microwave as their most used items. It’s unlikely

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Homes for Sale, Homes for Rent and Real Estate Listings

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Order Online, Homes Kitchen Restaurant, New York, NY, Triple Delight, Sesame Chicken, Hunan Beef, Peking Duck, Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce, Free Delivry, Customer Reviews

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If you have not yet visited us, we would like to invite you to
our restaurant. Homes Kitchen has an intimate setting and
provides a calm and comfortable environment for a relaxing
dinner with family, friends or coworkers.

We provide catering for all occasions for up to 60 persons in
house, and up to 600 persons off site.

Our goal is to bring you delicious food using only the best
and freshest ingredients. With over 15 years experience, we
pride ourselves on first class service, providing an affordable,
healthy and consistently fresh cuisine, prepared with
care by our highly trained chefs.

For Catering or your Special Occasions, Party menus are available upon request.

Homes Kitchen received honors for the 2007 Top Metro Favorite Restaurant award in New York City, as well as achieving a dining excellence award in the category of Top 100 Healthy Menus 2008.

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