Bathroom Design: The Complete Guide

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Before you part with any money in a bathroom showroom, spend some time on planning the room, carefully considering what it is you need and want as part of your bathroom design.

Who Will Be Using the Bathroom?

One of the most important considerations in planning a new bathroom is who will be using the room most. A master en suite will have totally different requirements than a family bathroom, for example.

In a family bathroom, practicality should be your lead, whereas in a room to be used solely by one or two adults, you can afford to focus a little more on luxury and design.

Getting the Bathroom Layout Right

Your first task when designing a new bathroom should be to decide on the best layout for the room.

Start with the position of the toilet. Work out where the soil pipe currently enters the room — or where

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Small Bathroom Guide | Homebuilding & Renovating

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The bathroom is not only a necessity in the home but also somewhere to relax and unwind. However, despite our passion for stylish and luxurious bathrooms, not all of us have the available space for huge bathing areas. Follow our top tips for making the most of a small bathroom.

Prioritise Space According to your Needs

Thorough planning of how to best use your modestly scaled space and good design will help you make the most of a small bathroom. Before coming up with any potential layouts, you should give thought to what you need from your bathroom.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who will be using the room? Is it an en suite, or a family bathroom that needs to take into account the needs of small children?
  • Will you need a bath, or would a shower be sufficient for your needs? Or would you ideally like both?
  • How
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Small Bathroom Remodel Cost Guide

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Cost Summary of Small Bathroom Remodeling

Typical Price Range = $1,000 to $15,000+
Average Cost = $8,000-$10,000
Best/Cheapest Price = $100-$400
Typical Hourly Rate = $50-$75 per hour

When you are remodeling a small bathroom, you need to make sure that your costs are always in the forefront of your mind.

Keep in mind that although the average small bathroom remodel costs around $9,000, that your labor & materials costs will vary depending on location and quality of fixtures you choose.



One of the major influences over the small bathroom remodel cost you will have to bear is the type of layout you select. If the new layout will require you to do a lot of renovating, then your prices will go up significantly. Renovating includes taking down walls and putting up wall components like dividers.

Selecting a layout that is simple and works well

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A Mum’s Guide to Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary

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You’ve been running around helter-skelter all day, attending to the never ending cries for ‘mummy!’, putting food on the table, picking up toys, you know the drill—truly, being a wife and a mother is no walk in the park. It’s joyful and demanding all at once. That’s why at some point, in the midst of the mayhem, every mum needs a moment to herself. Chances are, that precious moment of solitude comes in the bathroom. They don’t call it a sanctuary for nothing!

There’s just one problem: if you’re anything like us, the sanctuary is probably not quite looking like one at the moment. You know how it is with kids. Your bathroom is likely to be a little disorganised, disenchanting and not to mention, in need of disinfecting! It’s probably time to Kondo your bathroom and spark some joy!

No, don’t raise that eyebrow just yet. We’re not talking

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A Guide to Effectively Plan Kitchen Renovation Budget

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A Guide to Effectively Plan Kitchen Renovation Budget

The kitchen adds a lot to the comfort and décor of your home. That is why a kitchen renovation can significantly increase the worth of the home.

How much remodeling a kitchen will cost you depends upon several factors. Minor improvements to major structural changes open the doors to different budget scenarios i.e. $5000 to $ 100,000. Most homeowners spend around $22,000.

The average cost for a kitchen remodel depends upon the size of your kitchen, type of finishes, plumbing conditions, appliances needed, how you plan on tackling the renovations and where you live. Here I have divided kitchen remodeling in three categories to help you tackle your renovation and plan your budget accordingly.

1. Minor Kitchen Remodeling

These kitchen renovations range between $5000-$25,000. They generally involve the addition of new cabinets hardware, light fixtures or addition of backsplashes. The major elements

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Guide to Preventing Pests in the Kitchen – American Pest Management

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Your home can make a great home for pests if you’re not careful, so it’s important to do everything you can to keep them away. Your kitchen is especially vulnerable to both bugs and rodents. Fortunately, there are numerous precautions you can take to substantially reduce the likelihood of having pests invade your kitchen. Here are some ways you and professional home pest control in Anchorage, Alaska, can keep pests out of your kitchen.

Don’t Let Dishes Pile Up

Even the most vigilant clean freak occasionally leaves dirty dishes in the sink, and this might be okay to do once in a while. Unfortunately, leaving dirty dishes in the sink or around the kitchen often can quickly attract all sorts of pests. If you don’t have the time or energy to do the dishes some evenings, try to at least rinse the food off the dishes and load as much

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10 Best Bathroom Heater in 2020 (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

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Everyone needs to take a shower. It’s a fact.

Having to do so quite early before heading off to work has remained a big task to many. The culprit is the cold weather condition during this time of the day.

Usually, turning on the heating system of your home should help. But that comes at a cost. An astronomical one at that!

Bathroom heaters could salvage the situation. The problem is picking the best bathroom heater from a large amount of junk on sale. This review is aimed at making this segment of your work easier.

Top 10 Best Bathroom Heater review

1. Delta Electronics RAD80L BreezRadiance 80 CFM Heater/Fan/Light Combo


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Delta BreezRadiance heater is comes with unique design and you can decorate your space with this heater. This ceiling mount heater comes with three functions which are heating, ventilation & lighting. You don’t worry about

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What Is Farmhouse Style? – A Farmhouse Decor Guide

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A farmhouse decor is inspired from a farmhouse building, including its interior and exterior decoration. Such building can be found in a rural area or agricultural area.

Typically, a farmhouse building is accompanied by another building that’s called a housebarn, in which farmers put their crops and animals. Each country has a specific farmhouse building style.

For example, in United States, a farmhouse is typically built with rectangular floor plan and central fireplace that’s doubled as a heating and a cooking device.

Moreover, the constructions often come from local materials.

Briefly explained, you can understand why this particular style is admired by a lot of interior design fans.

From several reasons, people choose to apply a farmhouse decor to their house because its rustic interior gives a warm and cozy feelings.

Moreover, this decoration style offers a traditional touch on the furniture. If this is the style you’re looking for,

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14 Different Types of Bathroom Mirrors (Extensive Buying Guide)

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Our buying guide will walk you through the best bathroom mirror for your home.

Table of Contents

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Bathroom Mirror Buying Guide

Swapping out your old bathroom mirror for something contemporary and up to date is a simple and inexpensive way to update your decor.

There are a few important decisions you need to make before you start your project.

Determining the size and shape you’re searching for and what type of finish you desire will help you when shopping for options. You’ll also need to assess how best to remove your existing mirrors, and what type of mounting option you want to use for the new ones.

A. Types of Bathroom Mirrors

When most people think of a bathroom mirror, they envision one large, solid piece of glass that sits over the vanity. While that may be a common

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Home Improvement (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Home Improvement (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Episode list & details from: 

TVmaze •

  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
_____ ______ ___________  ___________ ___________________________________________

Season 1

1.     1-1                 17 Sep 91   Pilot
2.     1-2                 26 Sep 91   Mow Better Blues
3.     1-3                 01 Oct 91   Off Sides
4.     1-4                 08 Oct 91   Satellite On A Hot Tim's Roof
5.     1-5                 15 Oct 91   Wild Kingdom
6.     1-6                 22 Oct 91   Adventures In Fine Dining
7.     1-7                 29 Oct 91   Nothing More Than Feelings
8.     1-8                 05 Nov 91   Flying Sauces
9.     1-9                 19 Nov 91   Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble
10.    1-10                26 Nov 91   Reach Out And Teach Someone
11.    1-11                10 Dec 91   Look Who's Not Talking
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