Sticky notes on the bathroom door and wipes by the coffee pot. Employees find new rules as they return to the office.

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CHICAGO — When employees of Cushman & Wakefield started trickling back into the office Monday, they were given face masks, hand sanitizer and sticky notes.

The face masks and hand sanitizer were fairly obvious pandemic accoutrements, but the sticky notes?

The Chicago-based commercial real estate firm is using them to make sure there aren’t more than two people in a bathroom at a time.

“I’ve got a sticky, so when I go to the bathroom I put it on the door,” said Vicki Noonan, managing principal and Chicago market lead for the company. “There shouldn’t be more than two stickies on the door.”

Some offices are starting to reopen with a limited number of employees who are volunteering to return. As they do, companies are piloting new safety policies to protect workers from a health crisis that shows few signs of waning. The early steps, from practical safeguards to quirky

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Office rules require sticky notes on bathroom door, wipes by coffee pot | Articles

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In break rooms, most companies have cordoned off dining areas and rendered shared refrigerators off-limits. What once was a place where co-workers chatted or jockeyed for fridge space likely will be empty.

“We have closed our cafeteria food service, given the potential for touch contamination, and have limited seating available in the cafeteria,” said Lauren Russ, spokeswoman for Baxter International, which is restricting attendance at its Deerfield, Illinois, headquarters to 20%.

Kraft Heinz’ Chicago corporate headquarters occupies floors 72 to 76 in the Aon Center, and those floors are only accessible through shared elevators. That’s a long, shared ride for an employee to take each time they want to go on a coffee or food run.

“Safely facilitating coffee breaks, snacks and lunch is a crucial component of our return to office planning,” Michael Mullen, senior vice president of corporate affairs, said in a statement. “We are considering many different

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Belle Kitchen Curbside Delivery Donuts, Brunch, Lunch Macarons & Coffee OKC

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All of our doughnuts, and baked goods are made completely from scratch using only the best ingredients from simple recipes.

Simple Food

Our food and flavors are simple and real – for example, our doughnut dough takes two days to produce – the result is a stunning light, springy texture and a wonderful, complex flavor. Hand created glazes with real flavors like maple syrup, cream custards and pure vanilla bean top our doughnuts. We take similar care with our macarons, baked goods , sandwiches and eats!

Please stop by our galleries and take a peek at some of our handmade treats – we love to create and love what we do!


Summer Kids Camp! Registration now OPEN!

Belle Kitchen’s third annual kids cooking camp taught in our kitchen with our amazing bakers! Completely hands-on with a parent celebration for your budding bakers and chefs at the end of their course!

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Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen

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After much thought and careful consideration, we have decided to close both Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen locations for the remainder of April in an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Our last day of business will be on Tuesday, April 14th.

Our goal is to re-open sometime in May, when signs show it is safe to do so. We pride ourselves on offering high quality coffee & food in a unique, community-centered environment. We aim to be a place where families & guests can relax, talk to their neighbor or Barista, stay a while and enjoy our space. Not being able to provide the space we are known for to everyone, including all the children who love us so much, has been challenging and upsetting to us all. Nevertheless, we look forward to the day where offering the full Blockhouse experience is once again, safe and achievable.


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Colorful coffee filter sculpture – Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

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Colorful coffee filter sculpture

Transform a flat coffee filter into a sculptural work of art inspired by artist Sam Gilliam. All you need is a coffee filter, some markers, and a spray bottle or cup of water.

[time] 30–40 minutes
[skill level] beginner
[topic] 2D to 3D transformation

Portrait of artist Sam Gilliam

Sam Gilliam portrait by Fredrik Nilsen Studio

Artist Sam Gilliam (b. 1933) is a painter and member of the Washington Color School. During the 1960s and ’70s, many people thought African Americans should make art about civil rights. Sam Gilliam defied this by making colorful experimental works inspired by the world around him.

Sam Gilliam, Ruby Light (1972)

One of the things that inspired Sam Gilliam was laundry hanging from clotheslines. He liked the way it looked and began to drape the canvas of his paintings. With your child, look up images of city clotheslines or hang something from a clothesline inside your own home. How does it look?


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