The Best Home Design Apps for Android and iOS

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Planning a new home or redecoration is an exercise in mental image projection: How will that sofa, armoire, or easy chair actually fit into your real space? Will colors clash? Will the new item look mismatched? Will it take up more room than the measurements imply and dominate the room? The optical illusion of complementary colors, size, and style often persists until you’ve taken the plunge and that particular item lands in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Home design apps, especially ones that employ some kind of 3D, augmented reality (AR), or virtual reality (VR) to simulate your environment, can help avoid rookie mistakes and alleviate the anxiety of a large purchase by giving you another way to envision and double-check how a new piece will fit into your current decor. Here are a few of the best ones we’ve found.

Are you looking for a home-based fitness system 

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New West Dallas homes bring high design to an urban neighborhood

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One of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods is home to a cutting-edge new residential community.


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Called the Haciendas, the project will include more than six dozen high-design homes being built near Fort Worth Avenue in West Dallas.

The one-of-a-kind development is a project of Oaxaca Interests, the same company that built the popular Sylvan Thirty mixed-use development on Sylvan Avenue west of downtown.

Just a few blocks away, Oaxaca Interests has built the first four of what it plans to be a larger group of style-forward houses on North Edgefield Avenue.

Designed by award-winning architect Lake Flato of San Antonio and Austin, the homes marry an outside industrial look with bright and airy interior spaces.

They range in size from 1,550 to just under 1,900 square feet, with stucco exteriors and metal roofs, and they’re built in joined modules.

“The kitchen and living area is in one module, and the

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What’s Next In How We Live With Heather Scott Home & Design

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Ways the Coronavirus Will Change How We Design, Style, and Live in Our Homes, by Heather Scott Home & Design

The current health crisis has impacted so many aspects of day to day life, but it also can have lasting effects on how we view, use and design our personal spaces. Our homes now have transitioned into so much more than a place to rest. We now use our homes have transitioned into makeshift offices, gyms, classrooms, restaurants, cocktail bars, movie theaters, and more. With so many activities happening under one roof every day, we all have had to adapt to incorporate new functionality, and the way we look at these spaces is changing, too. More than ever our homes are a place to be comforted, safe, and inspired, which has made many

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This Frank Lloyd Wright Home Was a Trailblazing Example of Accessible Design | Travel

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On July 26, 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law, stipulating that discrimination against individuals with disabilities, in any part of life, is illegal. Forty years before the act, though, Frank Lloyd Wright became one of the first architects to fully embrace a level of accessibility in housing nearing that outlined in the law with the Rockford, Illinois, home he designed for Ken and Phyllis Laurent. Wright was already an accomplished late-career architect by this time, known for structures like the Unity Temple, the lobby of the Rookery Building, the Robie House, Taliesin, the Arizona Biltmore Resort, Fallingwater and Taliesin West.

In 1946, Ken Laurent, then a 26-year-old World War II veteran, became paralyzed from the waist down when doctors accidentally cut a nerve on his spine while trying to remove a tumor. Over the next couple years, he spent weekdays at

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‘Build Me Up’: Orlando Soria Reveals How Home Design Can Spark a Fresh Start

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Orlando Soria premiered his new HGTV show, “Build Me Up.” So, how do his home looks stack up against HGTV’s veteran designers’? Find out here.


Move over, “Property Brothers.” HGTV has just debuted a new home design show that’s perfect for today’s tumultuous times: “Build Me Up,” starring Orlando Soria.

Soria, who previously doled out design advice on “Unspouse My House” and “Secrets From a Stylist,” now helps refresh the homes of people undergoing a big life change. Whether that change involves divorce or family members moving in, Soria’s renovations prove all too well that shaking up your home environment is the perfect way to turn a new page.

And there’s lots to learn for anyone who’d like a new perspective on their

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‘Good Bones’ Reveals 5 Decor Risks Worth Taking

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“Good Bones” stars Mina Starsiak and her mother, Karen Laine, have a knack for warm, homey designs. However, in their latest renovation, they go in a whole new direction.

In the “Old Biker Bar” episode, Starsiak and Laine buy an Indianapolis house that’s rumored to be an old biker bar.

The team dresses up to start renovations on this old biker bar.


The building is dark, packed with junk, and very small. With just one bathroom and no bedrooms, this house is a daunting fixer-upper. Still, this mother-daughter team is determined to turn it into a beautiful home with an industrial, masculine style.

In order to do that, though, Starsiak and Laine have to venture outside their comfort zone. Here are some of the home decor risks they take that might seem strange at first, but turn out totally worth

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‘Queer Eye’ Furniture Collection At Walmart: The Best Pieces To Shop

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While we all wish that the Fab Five from Queer Eye would come into our lives, shake things up and give us the pep talk of a lifetime, the majority of us will never appear on the popular Netflix series. (*Sigh.*) The new Queer Eye furniture collection at Walmart, though, might just be the next best thing. So, maybe we can’t have Bobby Berk design our home with the best furniture money can buy and make it look like it came out of a home decor magazine—but we can shop Queer Eye-inspired furniture pieces to make it feel like the Fab Five has worked their butts off to make our homes look extraordinary. Something is better than nothing, right?

Filled with 80 industrial-modern furniture pieces, the Queer Eye Walmart collection is definitely a chic and affordable way to spruce up your home ASAP. Starting

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Hollywood’s Greatest Set Designers Share How They Decorate Their Own Homes

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a room with a book shelf: From the geniuses behind It's Complicated, Little Women, The Shape of Water, and more.

© Claire Kaufman
From the geniuses behind It’s Complicated, Little Women, The Shape of Water, and more.

In the realm of film and television, the job of a set decorator is to source, design, and sometimes create the items that dress a set. They making sure that every object—from the furniture to the forks—is working in harmony to create a sense of place and character. Whether their mission is to deck out a tasteful California home, a Regency ballroom, or a haunted Gothic mansion, a set decorator’s specialty is making any set of circumstances come to life. But how do they approach decorating their own homes, when they’re free from having to follow a director’s vision? We spoke with four of the film industries most in-demand artists to get some easily applicable advice.

Start with a single key piece.

The whole idea for a particular room may come from one

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30 Fall Porch Decor Ideas, Because September Will Be Here Before You Know It

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Labor Day is fast approaching and while we’re always reluctant to see summer go, the promise of reuniting with our sweater weather wardrobe and cute fall porch decor never fails to lift our spirits. This year we plan to go all out on decorating our front steps, beyond a lone carved pumpkin. Here, 30 fall porch decor ideas—from wreaths, gourds and more—to get your home ready for spooky season through Thanksgiving.

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Pip Berry Wreath by Valerie

Secure this festive wreath to your front door and you’re instantly ready for autumn. Plus, the soft tones of yellow, orange and brown will look natural among the changing leaves in your front yard.

Buy It ($44)

Stonebriar Wooden Candle Lantern

The days are getting shorter and setting up a few of these lanterns will create a warm glow for your entryway each

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Rediscover Paul R. Williams’s Classic Hollywood Architectural Masterpieces

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In 1950s Los Angeles, a home by Paul Revere Williams was a fabulous symbol not just of having “made it,” but made it with your name above the marquee. The architect to the stars designed nearly 2,000 homes in Southern California, and counted Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, and Lucille Ball among his boldfaced clients. Politicians and wealthy businessmen alike commissioned him to do their residences and flocked to the hotels he designed in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. In 1997, architect Max Bond wrote that a home by Williams is “affable, well-mannered, gracious and graceful, a mite different but not so different as to shock…a California style of self-assured, easy worldliness.”

So, why isn’t he a household name like Frank Lloyd Wright?

For one, Williams faced immense challenges as one of the few commercially successful Black architects of his generation; he was the first African-American member of the American Institute

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