November 09, 2012

Cooper News: Next Symposium in…Tacoma!

Cooper Sleuths:

Very excited to report that plans have been made for the next D.B. Cooper Symposium, and the official date for our next national gathering will be November 30, 2013, and the location will be the Washington State Historical Museum in Tacoma, Washington.

What’s noteworthy here is the folks in Tacoma at the Washington Museum have been planning an entire exhibit on the Cooper skyjacking and case, so it’s natural fit to have the Symposium there.

A word on the exhibit: it should be something. The curators at the Museum are going all out for the show, and have even imported parts of a 727 plane to display. Check out the forklift in action in this photo.

The bad news of course is that the next Symposium is going to happen next year, which would be a bummer if there were no Cooper anniversary events planned. But there are plenty.

In Portland, Doug Kenck-Crispin, the ribald historian you all no doubt will remember for his Cooper raps and hilarious presentation, is hosting a pre-anniversary D.B. Cooper movie night on Saturday, November 17th, at The Hollywood Theater in Portland. The film: The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, starring Robert Duvall and Trent Williams. Crispin will place the film in its proper historic context, and also on hand will be Marla Cooper, to discuss her uncle-suspect Lynn Doyle Cooper, who the FBI is still apparently trying to connect to the hijacking via fingerprint samples and forensic evidence.

The tireless Kenck-Crispin is also sponsoring a D.B. Cooper bus tour that leaves from Portland and will trek down into the southern part of the state to celebrate the annual Cooper Days party in Ariel. Get on that bus before seats fill up, and find more at

More Cooper news from me soon and (almost) happy Cooper anniversary.


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