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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk offers home decor advice to Animal Crossing players

frank lampard

Queer Eye’s resident home decor expert Bobby Berk has been helping Animal Crossing players with their interior design.

The Fab Five member invited users to send pictures of their homes from Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch before offering constructive criticism on how they could improve their rooms.

The interior designer critiqued and offered home decor advice to the players, sending positive comments such as “You’re on the right track” and “Colour scheme is great! Keep up the good work.”

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For fans asking for more specific advice, Berk did what he does best on Queer Eye and offered advice on where to place items to make their rooms feel more homely or spacious.

Animal Crossing has become a video game sensation during the coronavirus pandemic, although it has come under criticism

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20+ Thrift Store Home Decor Essentials that LOOK Expensive

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In today’s post I’m sharing my top 20 thrift store home decorating “must-haves” that I rarely pass up! I’ve also included photos and links to all of my rooms, giving you even more decorating ideas. (I didn’t realize how many thrifted items I use until I created this post!)

20+ Thrift Store Home Decorating Ideas

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A few basic thrift store staples can help you create simple-yet-beautiful vignettes for a curated and collected look in your home — for much less! Simpler vignettes call for a bit of character. We are going for a casual-elegant look in our current house and we are still figuring things out. I love to mix old with new items but still enjoy an uncluttered look with a few elegant conversation pieces mixed in.

Kidney Shaped Desk Makeover Center Drawer Up close Reveal copy

#1: Old Books

Old books win as my #1 go-to thrifted home decorating staple. Many hardback

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GitHub – stfwi/engineers-decor: Engineer’s Decor

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A Minecraft (Java Edition) mod based on
Forge, adding cosmetic blocks
for the Engineer’s factory, workshop, and home.

The mod has its focus decorative blocks and devices helping you to build nice
looking manufacturing contraptions. Current feature set:

  • Treated Wood Crafting Table: 3×3 crafting table with IE style GUI and a model
    fitting better in the engineer’s workshop. Keeps its inventory, has eight additional
    storage slots on the left side of the crafting grid. Crafting history for fast
    refabrication of previous recipes. Providesa a recipe collision resolver (selection
    button for ambiguous recipes). Quick-move buttons (opt-in) to from/to storage or
    player inventory. Smart shift-click placement (balanced placing of items in the
    crafting grid). Ctrl-Shift-click places all same stacks. Scroll with the mouse over
    the crafting output slot to increase or decrease the stack sizes (shift and/or ctrl
    higher step size). Shows the placed items on the top of the

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    Calming Home Decor Trends Inspired by Nature From Etsy

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    Our homes are the center of our worlds these days, and between all the online yoga classes, digital playdates, and late-night bread baking, we’re all just trying our best to make staying in feel extra comforting. One surprisingly simple way to up the cozy factor? Look to the great outdoors. “Incorporating natural elements in our decor can instantly make us feel more grounded and peaceful,” explains Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “Rich, organic materials, ultra-soft fabrics, and soothing motifs like shells and sunsets are transforming our living spaces into tranquil havens—and keeping us connected to the outside world.” Whether you find calm in curling up in a cotton throw or reassurance in hanging a seedling in a sunny window and watching it grow, these six nature-inspired home decor trends are sure to take your nesting to the next level.

    ’70s sunsets

    There’s nothing quite like witnessing a breathtaking natural

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    Decor Lighting Inc.

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    Welcome to Decor Lighting Inc!

    Decor Lighting Inc. is a small family owned business with only 3 employees, we have been in business since 1973 and to this day we strive to meet our customers’ needs. Here at Decor we take pride in providing you with the best customer service for lighting in Anchorage. We provide lights for many of the builders and contractors in Anchorage, as well as walk in customers just looking for a quality product.

    Even though we are located in Anchorage, we still supply lights to Customers across the state. Whether you’re In Nome, Ketchikan, the Interior, or the Aleutians we will find a way to get you your lights.



    We offer quality products at competitive prices, great customer service, lighting/lamp repair, replacement glass, light bulbs, fans, switches, dimmers, cover plates, LED/Energy Efficient bulbs and fixtures, we will customize or modify lights to your needs if

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    2019 Home Decor Trends: Southwestern Decor Is the New Boho

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    Bohemian decor has long offered us a way to make our homes feel simultaneously warmer, more welcoming and more interesting. But according to Etsy’s 2019 trend report, a new 2019 home decor trend will be taking the interior-design world by storm in the coming months: Southwestern decor, a.k.a. decor inspired by the Southwestern portion of the United States.

    Southwestern home decor feels a lot like bohemian home decor in that it involves mixed-and-matched prints, earthy textiles and intricately carved wooden pieces. It departs, however, in palette, pattern and style.

    Where bohemian decor is about rich and vibrant jewel tones, Southwestern decor takes advantage of more washed-out shades—like periwinkle, apricot and beige. Where bohemian prints feel organic, Southwestern prints feel a little crisper; stripes and triangles trump florals and paisleys. And where bohemian decor is curvy, drapey and loose, Southwestern decor is a little more staid;

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    Halloween Decorations – Halloween Decor

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    Decorate your home, indoors and out, with ghosts and gourds galore from Grandin Road. Find all the Halloween decorations you need to capture the season’s spirit with classic harvest-inspired decor or loads of sophisticated fun for your family, friends, and all the trick-or-treaters eager to ring your doorbell.

    Whimsical Outdoor Halloween Decor

    Turn your front yard into a gothic graveyard with realistic headstones, graceful ghosts, and shadowy silhouettes. Tempt guests toward to your doorstep with a bounty of pumpkins and faux autumn botanicals paired with a skull-studded wreath, a dramatic spider’s web, and an impish doormat. Grandin Road has all the outdoor Halloween decorations you’re looking for to create the high-spirited house of your imagination, including pre-lit and animated designs that will delight trick-or-treaters of any age.

    Spirited Indoor Halloween Home Decor

    Transform your home into a wonderland of spooky spirits with Grandin Road’s enchanting indoor Halloween decorations. Create bewitching

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    Decor – The Knot

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    Photo Credits: jesslancephoto

    Planning & Inspiration

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    Interior design – Wikipedia

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    Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.

    History and current terms

    Typical interior of one of the houses in the Folk Architecture Reservation in Vlkolínec (Slovakia)

    In the past, interiors were put together instinctively as a part of the process of building.[1]

    The profession of interior design has been a consequence of the development of society and the complex architecture that has resulted from the development of industrial processes.

    The pursuit of effective use of space, user well-being and functional design has contributed

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