FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. Is Available for Bathroom Remodeling Projects for Fall 2020 | Aug 4, 2020

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Langhorne, PA — (SBWIRE) — 08/04/2020 — Residents of Bucks County and the surrounding areas who are looking for experienced bathroom remodeling contractors can turn to FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. for customized solutions and the highest quality bathroom design services, all of which are available at the most affordable prices.

The experts at FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. are dedicated to helping local homeowners design and build the bathrooms of their dreams. As a trusted remodeling company in and around the Langhorne area for over 60 years, their team of professional contractors knows exactly what it takes to make bathroom remodeling projects stress-free and affordable. In fact, they offer unparalleled workmanship and customer service because their sole dedication is to their clients’ satisfaction.

Bathrooms are notorious for being strictly functional and not providing much space — something the FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. team can easily

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TikTok users can’t get enough of this ‘skinny house’ outside of Chicago that has an abnormally narrow design

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  • TikTok user @eli.korn_ shared a video of an incredibly skinny house, and viewers couldn’t believe its shocking proportions.
  • The 1,112-square-foot home is located in Deerfield, Illinois, where it is known as the “pie house.”
  • It was previously on the market for just under $270,000, according to Zillow.
  • The two-bedroom, three-bath home may look narrow on one end, but photos of the inside show that it may be more spacious than it appears.

A uniquely shaped “skinny house” has been taking over TikTok because of its oddly narrow appearance.

The video of the home was shared on TikTok by @eli.korn_ on Thursday, and it’s since captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers on the platform who seemed to be shocked at its unbelievable proportions.


SKINNY HOUSE SKINNY HOUSE SKINNY HOUSE ##fyp ##100gecs ##geccing ##skinny ##skinnyhouse ##architecture

♬ I Need Help Immediately – 100 gecs & Laura Les &

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For The Persistent and Optimistic — Ideal Interior Design For Disabled People

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a person sitting on a bicycle: For The Persistent and Optimistic -- Ideal Interior Design For Disabled People

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For The Persistent and Optimistic — Ideal Interior Design For Disabled People

Based on the definition from the CRPD (United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities), disabled people are individuals with long-term physical, language, hearing, mental, intellectual, or multiple impairments. These impairments may cause various obstacles and hinder these people from fully participating in daily activities in society on an equal basis to their more abled peers.

It was estimated that at least 15 % (over a billion) of our world’s population has at least one form of disability, according to the disability review report from the World Health Organization. In the 1970s, the suggested figure for disabled people was 10 %. This percentage has increased over time due to an ageing human population, technological advances to detect disabilities and the quick spread of chronic diseases.

PWDs (persons with disabilities) need special care

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Transform your kitchen or bathroom with Realisations Pop Design | City News

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Our kitchens and bathrooms play an important role in our homes – once mostly utilitarian spaces, they have become hubs of the household, boasting not only function but form too. Keeping on top of the latest trends, Realisations Pop Design has been infusing kitchens and bathrooms across Montreal and beyond with their streamlined, contemporary design and fashionable good looks.

“We take a project from A to Z, and walk the client through the entire project, from design to conceptualization, so that it’s less headache to the homeowner,” said co-owner Alexandre Paquin, who is also one of the main designers and planners at Pop. “We can completely transform your kitchen or bathroom with one all-in-one turnkey project.”

Realisations Pop Design is an authorized dealer of many well-known and reputable brands in Quebec, and has its RBQ licence and APCHQ certification. They have been recognized for their personalized service, project management, and

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Defying game design rules to simulate dementia in Before I Forget

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Sunita needs to go to the toilet but can’t remember where the bathroom is. Players must guide her but every time they open a door, they are instantly sent back to the beginning.

This is a key scene in Before I Forget, the debut game from micro studio 3-Fold Games. Released earlier this month, it gives players an insight into what it’s like living with dementia. The search for the bathroom, for example, is designed to express the “sense of losing time and the confusion” that many sufferers have to cope with.

It was a central part of the demo co-founders Chella Ramanan and Claire Morwood would show at events and consumer games shows, but players would often approach them afterwards with a frown on their face.

“They’d say, ‘Yeah, I really like it but is there a way of getting to the toilet on time?’,” says

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Design Construction Concepts Completes Summer Camp Improvement Project

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Design Construction Concepts, a full-service design-build renovation firm, is pleased to announce the completion of a series of construction and renovation updates at JCC Chicago’s ‘Z’ Frank Apachi Day Camp in Northbrook, IL. Designed to be welcoming and accommodating, the 14,000-square-foot renovations to the pool house and outdoor pavilion are ready for a new season of campers this summer.

“We are proud to partner with JCC Chicago on its Apachi Day Camp renovation and contribute to creating a positive, accessible and inclusionary camp experience for all,” said Andy Poticha, Principal at Design Construction Concepts. “We truly value our long-standing relationship with JCC Chicago and the Jewish United Fund (JUF), and are especially excited for this project as it is located in our own backyard.”



The renovated 9,500-square-foot pool house features new shower rooms, new bathrooms and new outdoor lockers with an eight-foot-high shade tree canopy and playful tile, all built

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Gigi Hadid shared photos of her colorful apartment, and it includes everything from pasta-filled cabinets to a magazine-covered bathroom

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Gigi Hadid posing for the camera: Gigi Hadid decorated her New York City apartment with the help of her mom. Angela Weiss/Getty Images

© Angela Weiss/Getty Images
Gigi Hadid decorated her New York City apartment with the help of her mom. Angela Weiss/Getty Images

  • Gigi Hadid took to Instagram on Saturday with photos of her newly-decorated apartment.
  • According to the model, she designed her New York City space with the help of various designers and her mom, Yolanda Hadid.
  • Hadid’s colorful apartment is comprised of everything from pasta-filled cabinets to a magazine-covered bathroom.
  • Though many people seemingly love Hadid’s home, others on Twitter have criticized the model’s eccentric decor.
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In addition to being a fashion expert and soon-to-be mom, Gigi Hadid can also call herself an interior designer.

On Saturday, the model took to Instagram with photos of her New York City apartment, which she recently renovated. Hadid said in the caption of her post that she spent a year reworking the space, and did so with

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Rare hotel featuring inclusive design opens in Amherst | Local News

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Uniland in 2018 won $1.15 million in incentives from the Amherst Industrial Development Agency by arguing the project qualified as a tourism destination. The developer later bought the property from the town.

Uniland from the beginning set out to design a hotel that could better accommodate sled-hockey players and other athletes with disabilities.

Universal, or inclusive, design is different than accessible design, said Levine of UB’s IDEA Center. Accessibility is a minimum standard and can be an afterthought in the design process.

The standard also usually centers on people with mobility or vision impairment and doesn’t address the needs of people with, for example, cognitive disabilities, colorblindness, chemical sensitivity, she said.

“Accessibility is not good enough and as designers we need to go beyond that,” Levine said.

There are no standard Hampton rooms in the hotel at 1601 Amherst Manor Drive. Seven of the 107 rooms are fully accessible, as

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Your Newest Storage and Interior Design Hack? Ladder Bookcases. Here Are Some of Our Favorites.

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Whether it’s for a sprawling classic book collection, a scented candle obsession or a pile of odds and ends you can’t bring yourself to get rid of — we’re all always trying to find creative ways to store our stuff. We know what Marie Kondo would say about our borderline-hoarding habits but no matter how hard we try, we can’t bring ourselves to be minimalist. And you know what? That’s okay.

Rather than getting rid of the stuff you don’t have space to store, it’s time to get creative about where your belongings live in your home, and use up the space you have sitting right in front of you. Ladder bookshelves use up vertical space in your home without taking up any nearly any floor space and look great while doing it. They’re a simple item of furniture that will blend in and compliment a wide range of decor

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Sticky notes on the bathroom door and wipes by the coffee pot. Employees find new rules as they return to the office.

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CHICAGO — When employees of Cushman & Wakefield started trickling back into the office Monday, they were given face masks, hand sanitizer and sticky notes.

The face masks and hand sanitizer were fairly obvious pandemic accoutrements, but the sticky notes?

The Chicago-based commercial real estate firm is using them to make sure there aren’t more than two people in a bathroom at a time.

“I’ve got a sticky, so when I go to the bathroom I put it on the door,” said Vicki Noonan, managing principal and Chicago market lead for the company. “There shouldn’t be more than two stickies on the door.”

Some offices are starting to reopen with a limited number of employees who are volunteering to return. As they do, companies are piloting new safety policies to protect workers from a health crisis that shows few signs of waning. The early steps, from practical safeguards to quirky

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