Psychedelic Lava Lamps Are Officially Making a Comeback

frank lampard

Lava lamps were the quintessential lighting staple of the ’60s and ’70s, but the novelty home decor piece is making a major comeback in modern dwellings as of late. The psychedelic light fixture was dreamed up in a bar back in 1963, inspired by the bubbling motion of an egg timer, but these neon lamps actually have a somewhat tranquilizing effect. They’re the perfect accent piece for any eclectic, retro, or bohemian interior design style, and they’re (surprisingly) an affordable investment to boot.

Lava lamps made a major comeback back in the ’90s but were more synonymous with funky children decor for the playroom, or, at best, hippie counterculture as opposed to adult-friendly lighting fixtures. However, lava lamps actually do still exist, and the contemporary versions of the original models are far less juvenile—and somewhat surprisingly—cool accent pieces to add a dash of the past to your apartment or house.

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