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The warmer months call for light and breezy decorating, says interior designer Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper & Co.

It’s nearing the end of July, and mid-summer days have delivered plenty of Florida sunshine and lots of high temperatures.

When summer came to Massachusetts, my grandmother always addressed the days with many changes in our home décor. Out came the slipcovers for all the furniture, mostly white linen ones lined so that the print upholstery for wintry days never showed through.

Granny, as I called her, was always neat. All the slipcovers had to fit tight and perfectly — she would have never have approved of the shabby-chic coverings we see today.

Not only were the slipcovers welted in a contrasting color, usually green or aqua blue, but she also slipcovered the throw pillows in happy Floridian colors — pineapple yellow, tangy orange, and, oh, that ocean blue. While my

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Reopened brewery goes totally contactless with new ‘Beer-O-Mat’

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Temescal Brewing is using a contactless ordering system called the Beer-O-Mat for customers at the outdoor beer garden in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood. Photo: Douglas Zimmerman/SFGATE / SFGATE

Photo: Douglas Zimmerman/SFGATE

Temescal Brewing is using a contactless ordering system called the Beer-O-Mat for customers at the outdoor beer garden in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood.

On languid summer days, Temescal Brewing’s beer garden typically sees its wooden picnic tables crammed with tipsy friends gulping from foam-topped glasses. With taco trucks out front, pastel decor and beers with names like “Lawn Flamingo” and “Breezy Days,” the Oakland brewery on Telegraph Avenue is the epitome of a carefree day in July.

But for the past four months, its picnic benches have remained empty — until now. As of last weekend, the sun-drenched patio is open, just with a few changes: namely, a pastel pink and green contraption labelled “BEER-O-MAT” in huge block letters that has taken on beer-serving duties.

“Rather than setting up a table where people could just come and grab

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‘The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen’ (Book Review)

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Plenty of books can teach you how to cook basic recipes, but there are few that will tell you how to be the kitchen – how to grocery shop, how to ask someone to put ingredients in a reusable container, how to organize your pantry, and what to do when you encounter sad-looking food in the back of the fridge. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever seen a book that talks about these little details until I read Lindsay Miles’ newest book, “The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen: Simple Steps to Shop, Cook and Eat Sustainably” (Hardie Grant Books, 2020). 

Miles is the Australian founder of Treading My Own Path, a blog and Instagram page that focuses on zero waste and plastic-free living. For several years, I’ve been following her work and admire the consistently thoughtful approach she takes. Her blog posts are in-depth, philosophical, and often enlightening, but

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