Day: May 2, 2020

Easter Decor | Easter Wreaths + Spring Wreaths

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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk offers home decor advice to Animal Crossing players

Queer Eye’s resident home decor expert Bobby Berk has been helping Animal Crossing players with their interior design.

The Fab Five member invited users to send pictures of their homes from Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch before offering constructive criticism on how they could improve their rooms.

The interior designer critiqued and offered home decor advice to the players, sending positive comments such as “You’re on the right track” and “Colour scheme is great! Keep up the good work.”

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Sharing the full story, not just the headlines

For fans asking for more specific advice, Berk did what he does best on Queer Eye and offered advice on where to place items to make their rooms feel more homely or spacious.

Animal Crossing has become a video game sensation during the coronavirus pandemic, although it has come under criticism

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The Kitchen

A COVID-19 UPDATE 04.17.20!

We care about our patrons, our staff, and our community. We took the suggested time off and closed, because we felt it was our responsibility to help flatten the curve, and keep all that we could, safe.

Meanwhile, we’ve been researching, growing, and adapting. And now, we are very happy to announce that we will be re-opening on Wednesday, April 22nd for take-out and delivery.

Same, full Kitchen menu that you love, made and served by the same staff that you know.

The Kitchen’s new temporary days and hours are as follows:

Wednesday – Sunday 11:30 – 7:30

(with last delivery call taken at 7p)

(603) 319 – 8630

We are offering multiple options for both take-out, and delivery. All orders must be pre-paid with a credit or debit card when the order is placed. Please let your server know if you would like to include

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20+ Thrift Store Home Decor Essentials that LOOK Expensive

In today’s post I’m sharing my top 20 thrift store home decorating “must-haves” that I rarely pass up! I’ve also included photos and links to all of my rooms, giving you even more decorating ideas. (I didn’t realize how many thrifted items I use until I created this post!)

20+ Thrift Store Home Decorating Ideas

Affiliate links included throughout this post

A few basic thrift store staples can help you create simple-yet-beautiful vignettes for a curated and collected look in your home — for much less! Simpler vignettes call for a bit of character. We are going for a casual-elegant look in our current house and we are still figuring things out. I love to mix old with new items but still enjoy an uncluttered look with a few elegant conversation pieces mixed in.

Kidney Shaped Desk Makeover Center Drawer Up close Reveal copy

#1: Old Books

Old books win as my #1 go-to thrifted home decorating staple. Many hardback

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2020 Kitchen Remodel Costs | Average Small Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator

a kitchen remodel costs $75 to $350 per square foot.

Kitchen remodels cost $75 to $250 per square foot. The first step in determining your estimate is looking at the space. Before you get to the smaller questions, ask yourself the big questions:

  • What do you want from the space?
  • How do you want it to look and function?
  • Is the size and configuration right?

Also ask: What should you spend? The industry says spend 5% to 15% of the home’s value on this project. If your house is worth $300,000, you could spend $30,000 without negatively affecting its resale price.

Consider some of these alternative options if you want to save money:

Kitchen Renovation Budget Breakdown

Kitchen renovations cost $12,500 to $34,0000, with a typical spend of around $23,000. The rate divides into materials, installation, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the expenses break

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True Food Kitchen | Health-driven Seasonal Restaurant & Scratch Bar

Better food means better living.

“Healthy” isn’t just an idea. “Healthy” is science, and we take it seriously. Every delicious dish and drink at True Food Kitchen is crafted to be better for your taste buds and your body.

Every ingredient matters. In everything we make.

From nutrient-dense staples and carefully sourced proteins, to little-known superfoods, we use the most responsible, most creative, freshest in-season ingredients we can find.

Great chefs keep us cooking—and thinking—fresh.

You’ll find creative, passionate, classically trained chefs in every kitchen and behind every bar. Chefs who roast early fall squash a little longer and temper extra-spicy jalapeños in the summertime ponzu, because they know cooking with real food requires real care.

We treat every guest as an individual. Because they are.

Here, you are welcome to feel right at home. To experience our obsessive commitment to hospitality. And to enjoy your food the way you

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Tabbouleh III Recipe –

If you use 1 cup of bulgar wheat, and 1 cup of boiling water, I’ve found you won’t need to drain any excess water from the wheat. All of the water will be soaked up by the wheat and be a wonder…

I would like to suggest some modifications to this recipe: instead of cucumbers u can chop lemon skin into very tiny cubes, add another cup of very finely chopped parsley,and u don’t need to soa…

I have now made this recipe a few times to take to a braai (South African barbeque) and it always goes down very well and it goes very well with grilled meat. I have made it with red and brown …

Lastnight was Greek night at our house. How great that every recipe I wanted

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Kitchen Islands & Carts –

Pantries, Carts and Islands

Pantries, carts and islands offer great ways to add storage and functionality to your kitchen. To find the best item for you, consider your needs and available space.

A food pantry has a closet-like design and provides storage space for shelf-stable foods, such as canned goods, rice and other grains, flour, sugar and oil. As you shop for a pantry, pay attention to dimensions and how shelves are arranged to make sure the pantry you choose will make good use of your space.

If you have a large kitchen, a stationary kitchen island is a great asset. Kitchen islands offer ample storage space for dishes, utensils and other kitchenware and can feature wine racks, spice racks or kitchen storage compartments. Many have surfaces that can be used as cutting boards, and some come with bar stools so that they can be used as tables.

For a

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GitHub – stfwi/engineers-decor: Engineer’s Decor

A Minecraft (Java Edition) mod based on
Forge, adding cosmetic blocks
for the Engineer’s factory, workshop, and home.

The mod has its focus decorative blocks and devices helping you to build nice
looking manufacturing contraptions. Current feature set:

  • Treated Wood Crafting Table: 3×3 crafting table with IE style GUI and a model
    fitting better in the engineer’s workshop. Keeps its inventory, has eight additional
    storage slots on the left side of the crafting grid. Crafting history for fast
    refabrication of previous recipes. Providesa a recipe collision resolver (selection
    button for ambiguous recipes). Quick-move buttons (opt-in) to from/to storage or
    player inventory. Smart shift-click placement (balanced placing of items in the
    crafting grid). Ctrl-Shift-click places all same stacks. Scroll with the mouse over
    the crafting output slot to increase or decrease the stack sizes (shift and/or ctrl
    higher step size). Shows the placed items on the top of the

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    A Website Is Selling Plants from Garden Centres That Would Have Gone to Waste

    During the current coronavirus pandemic, you may have heard how garden centres were forced to throw away millions of plants while closed for lockdown.

    Fortunately, a new business has created a plan to prevent flowers and foliage from going to waste.

    PlantSavers is a website that saves plants from British garden centres and nurseries hit by COVID-19, delivering them straight to your door.

    See: The Dreamiest Ways to Decorate with Low Maintenance and Faux Plants in Your Home


    See: Where To Buy Plants Online During the Coronavirus Lockdown

    The online service has partnered with nurseries that have been hit hardest to sell perennial and annual plants at bargain prices.

    There are currently three bundles of plants and compost on sale.

    These include a Bloomer Bundle for £25, which includes an assortment of at least seven 9-12cm plants.

    Then there’s the Green Thumb Selection for £35, including at least twelve

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