The perfect pair: Napa couple combines wine and design to craft a unique experience | Business

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Establishing his brand in 2005, Mark Albrecht set out to produce premium wines at an affordable price. Selling his home and furnishings to fund his dream, Mark’s dedication and tenacity paid off.

World-renowned wine critic Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate called Educated Guess, “Simply must be one of the best buys… in all of the Napa Valley,”

Working with head Winemaker Macario Montoya, the Roots Run Deep Winery is focused on the experience, quality and authenticity of each brand.

Tying it all together fell into the hands of Lindsey Albrecht, founder of Lindsey Albrecht Designs, LLC. After falling in love with the property and its historical significance to downtown Napa, Lindsey set out to design a space paying homage to the brand that launched Roots Run Deep Winery. Working side-by-side with her client and husband, Lindsey created a custom design filling each room with purpose and artistry.

“This was

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Refinery29 Launches A Boho Chic Decor Collection

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Refinery29 not only covers the news and home design trends, but it’s now setting the trend with the launch of a branded home decor collection. Created in collaboration with VCNY, it’s currently sold on Amazon, with potential for more retailers to come in the future.

The line features a variety of pieces for every room in the home including bedding, window panels, throws, decorative pillows, towels, and shower curtains. Some of the collection was softly launched in July with new items that recently became available on August 17th. 

From Content To Tangible Good

While there was been increased interest in decor and home furnishings since the begging of COVID, this well-timed line has been in development for almost two years. “We started thinking about creating a home collection in the fall of 2018, after noticing an

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Wellness Design Makes Surprise Appearance In Biden Campaign Speech

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It’s rare that wellness design, the growing practice of creating built spaces that support the well-being of their occupants, shows up in presidential campaigns, but it made an appearance in a policy speech Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden Jr. gave in late July and streamed on Facebook Live. Here’s how he tied it into his healthcare policy-focused talk:

“There’s a pilot program now in 27 cities and 16 states where a nurse, an occupational therapist and a handyman come to the home that’s caring for an aging family member. They might not be able to cure Mom’s Alzheimer’s, but they can make sure she doesn’t break her hip. So they walk through the house…  and they install handrails in the rights spots in the house

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Memorize These Terms When Shopping for Home Decor

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When shopping for home decor, there’s a whole lexicon of design-world terms that might be unfamiliar to a regular shopper. But many of these terms actually have a pretty significant impact on the product you’re looking to buy. So we’re here to help you decode some of the most common interior design words you might stumble upon on your next shopping excursion—to help you make the most informed purchase.

a man standing in a kitchen: Ever wonder what the difference between antique and vintage is? Hooked and tufted rugs? Woven and knit fabrics? Read on to find out.

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Ever wonder what the difference between antique and vintage is? Hooked and tufted rugs? Woven and knit fabrics? Read on to find out.


Bench-made: Officially, bench-made furniture is crafted by a single highly-trained artisan from start to finish; some retailers, however, used the term to signify high-quality handmade pieces, regardless of how many people work on them.

8-way hand-tied: A high-quality type of suspension in the seat of a sofa where springs

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NSA, National Cryptologic Museum Foundation Reveal Design Plans for State-of-the-Art Cyber Center for Education and Innovation

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When NSA and the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation (NCMF) break ground on the proposed Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI) on the campus of NSA-Washington (NSAW), it will culminate many years of hard work and commitment shared by the two partners.

The state-of-the-art CCEI will offer over 70,000 square-feet of conference space and classrooms, providing a venue focused on delivering programs that encourage government, industry, and academia to share insights, knowledge, and resources to strengthen cybersecurity across the Nation.

It will also serve as the new home of the National Cryptologic Museum. With a modern design featuring tall glass windows and skylights, a well-lit main room, and large open floor plans, the completely unclassified complex inspires transparency.

“This is an exciting time for NSA and the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation,” said Laura Nelson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the NCMF. “The vision for the CCEI was set forth

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After 43-plus years, co-owner retires from Custom Kitchens | Business News

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David Hendrick with Custom Kitchens Inc.

David Hendrick has retired from the family-owned Custom Kitchens Inc.

David Hendrick has overseen the design of thousands of kitchen projects in the Richmond region during the past 40-plus years.

But Hendrick isn’t doing that anymore. He has retired from the family-owned Custom Kitchens Inc.

“It was a very very enjoyable career,” he said. “I did that for 43 years but I wanted a change.”

He and his younger brother Richard took over the kitchen and bathroom design and contracting business from their father, Arthur, who founded Custom Kitchens on Mountain Road in 1957. The company relocated to its current location at 6412 Horsepen Road in Henrico in 1968.

David, who turns 66 next month, became a full-time employee after graduating in 1977 from Virginia

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Innovation in the decor space has proven lucrative for this sister act

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By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article publishedAug 24, 2020

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Sisters Mo and Michelle Mokone are making a name for themselves in the decor space with their range of stylishly upcycled planters and baskets.

The Mokone sisters’ venture into design began just four years ago when they attended the Kamers Makers market in Pretoria. “After looking around at the stalls we were drawn to one selling origami and became inspired. This was something I had done before but only for the sake of gifting to friends and family,” said Mo.

Describing her sister, Michelle said she was a “born artist” who had a talent for creating things with her hands from a young age. “She used to make rugs and place mats using old plastic by stripping it into threads and crocheting it. She also made pottery and loved to knit and sew

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Home renovations and harvest season continue

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a bowl of food on a counter: As harvest season continues, Lovina cooks tomatoes into juice, sauce, and more, to can and freeze for the cooler months.

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As harvest season continues, Lovina cooks tomatoes into juice, sauce, and more, to can and freeze for the cooler months.

A busy time of the year — we are in the midst of canning season. We are filling lots of jars and freezers with a bountiful harvest. Many meals will be made from the harvest, the fruits of our labor. Do we appreciate enough what the Good Lord provides to us? We have so much to be thankful for yet so often take it for granted.

Today daughters Verena, 22, and Lovina, 16, have appointments at the eye doctor. We decided to do some grocery shopping after the appointments. I also want to stop at the fabric store to buy material for Loretta’s baptismal suit. I have less than two weeks to get it cut out and sewn.

We are helping Mose and Susan work on their house

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Caja Caliente’s Food Truck finds permanent home in Design District

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Caja Caliente’s Food Truck finds permanent home in Design District
Caja Caliente’s Food Truck

Caja Caliente’s Food Truck is opening a permanent home in the Design District.

The luxe neighborhood has been craving a fresh new spirit, something that will cater to shoppers and locals who are looking for a grab and go delight.
Known for its “Original Cuban Taco,” Caja Caliente reinvents the traditional Cuban meal.

Mika León, owner of Caja Caliente, merged her passion for food, cooking, family, traveling, and is getting creative during these new 2020 times.

These times have made adapting to change a must and Leon strongly believes in rebooting carry out and delivery efforts. Leon was thinking outside the box to venture her devotion for cooking.

Food trucks have become a booming trend, and Caja Caliente is taking it back to its roots.

Leon will launch two trucks, with one permanently stationed in the Design District at 95 NE 40th St. Her second truck

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Why the smallest room is always trickiest to renovate

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In a bathroom, that almost always involves the floor and, specifically, the membrane that sits between the tiles and the concrete slab. The same applies to walls between your flat and next-door or common property.

Leaking membranes are still among the most common defects in new buildings, so you can understand why owners corporations (bodies corporate) want some guarantees that the buck stops with you when the apartment downstairs acquires a water feature in its ceiling.

And this is where we hit the first distinction between well-run and badly run blocks. The former will set up a one-size-fits-all bylaw to which owners must sign up before they start work.

This is paid for by the owners corp, which may be slightly unfair on owners who have no immediate wish to renovate, but they will, sooner or later.

In a poorly run building, every renovator needs an individual by-law written by

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