Kitchen & Dining Tables You’ll Love in 2020

Rectangular table

Wood Dining Table Shape

A solid wood dining table can come in any conceivable shape, however the most common shape that you can find these tables is a square or rectangular shape. These are simple shapes that makes it easy to set up the dinner table and if you need to add extra seats it’s a simple task since you just need to add chairs at the end or sides of the table. Round dining tables are also exceptionally popular tables to have in your kitchen. These tables are fantastic because you can put them anywhere, since their round shape means there is no correct orientation. So there’s one less thing to worry about when your setting up your dining room layout, which makes this table shape a great option if you want something that’s simple to add to your kitchen.

Flat dining table

Wood Dining Table Sizes

Once you’ve decided on a

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Why Choosing The Right Plants For Your Garden Is Important

I, fortunately, have no major embarrassing garden moments to
speak of, but I have definitely made some mistakes over the years. At the time,
these caused me some embarrassment, especially when witnessed by other “expert”
gardeners. Now, though, I realize they were just part of the learning process
and that choosing the right plants for you garden is important for a reason. It
not only saves you from lots or work but heartache too.

Gardening is an activity that cannot be learned solely from
books. You have to get out in the dirt, try things, fail, and try then again.

Garden Fail – Buying the Wrong Plants

I can’t count how many times I’ve bought plants that were
inappropriate for my garden or my house. A large ficus
died a slow and sad death in my house before I learned that they really need to
be outdoors in a tropical

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Five Home Improvement Trends To Watch In 2020

Do you track the home improvement industry? If you do, but didn’t make it to the Home Improvement Research Institute’s HIRI Summit last month, you can still benefit from the top takeaways shared by thought leaders presenting there.

The nonprofit trade organization is made up of global building products manufacturers, large chain retailers and allied entities in the supply chain and media. Here are five of the top trends they discussed, along with insights on what they might mean for you.

1. Luxury projects are slowing

“Discretionary luxury remodeling is slowing, with the five product categories facing most severe headwinds: High end cabinets, cladding, flooring, roofing and dimensional lumber,” observed Todd Tomalak with  John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

This can provide opportunities for emerging quality value brands in the kitchen and bath remodeling spheres,

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On-the-move actress finds value in minimal decor

Two years in her East Hollywood apartment marks a milestone of stability for Mexican actress Cristina Rodlo, who had been relocating since she was 18 among Mexico, Los Angeles, Vancouver and New York, where her acting training began.

Life on the move left its mark on the 29-year-old, who enjoys clean, “simple and white,” minimally decorated spaces — her sunny living room, for example.

“I learned that the only way to be able to move and survive was to own as little as possible and not get attached to anything either. If I buy something it’s because I really like it and needed to have it,” said Rodlo, whose recent shows include Amazon’s “Too Old to Die Young,” AMC’s “The Terror: Infamy” and Paramount Network’s Kafkaesque dramedy “68 Whiskey.”

A circular, gold-rimmed mirror, various shots taken by photographer friends and a large, framed “2016 Guide to Manhattan” street map (also

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Best DIY Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

How to get the most value for your remodeling dollar

FH08FEB_HOMIMP_01-2Family Handyman

These 10 projects—decorating, storage, lighting and more—cost little but yield great results. They upgrade bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, closets, the entryway, the laundry and other areas of your home.

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Improvement 1: Bathroom mini makeover—$430

If you’ve long wanted the elegance of natural stone in your home, consider a new granite bathroom vanity top, which is a great, affordable way to get it. You can now find granite tops at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other home centers. Prices range from $150 to $450 depending on the size. Complete this bath makeover with a new faucet and mirror, and you’ll still keep the price under $500.

Begin by ordering your new items and don’t start the project until you have

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Market by Jean-Georges | Downtown Vancouver restaurant | Shangri-la Hotel Brunch | Vancouver Lunch | Downtown Dinner Vancouver

Market by Jean-Georges | Downtown Vancouver restaurant | Shangri-la Hotel Brunch | Vancouver Lunch | Downtown Dinner Vancouver| Culinary Concepts

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Artisan Event Floral Decor | Palm Springs Area Wedding & Events Floral Design and Decorating

Welcome to Artisan Event Floral Decor

Come enter an exciting world where flowers, fabrics, lights and one-of-a-kind accessories create magical weddings, corporate and charity events, and parties. Inspired by you, we will create the event of your dreams.

“Experience a real Western Rodeo in Palm Springs” | RIDE FOR THE BRAND

Meet the Artist Joey Lizotte & the Artisan Team:

As an artist I approach each wedding or event as I would a blank canvas. Building from a concept, which ultimately transforms into something beautiful, exciting and unique. Inspiration is derived from many sources; meeting with clients, visiting event locations, traveling to various trade shows, and even from a simple texture on a piece of fabric. Please browse through our website and contact us with any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you.


Tell us more about your wedding or event

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Kitchen and Bathroom Designs We Love from East Coast Lumber

Kitchen and bathroom models can turn a home you like into a dream home — and you don’t have to put your dreams on hold because of the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing.

The design team at East Coast Lumber has some stunning design inspiration in their portfolio, and they are still here to listen to your wants and needs for your new space. They’ll design your dream kitchen or bathroom (within budget!) and virtually go over your wish list, communicating your new design via email.

Here’s a peek into some of their recent projects to give you design inspiration:

Amanda at East Coast Lumber

Check out all the custom elements: a door-mounted spice rack, a cooking utensil drawer, a pot organizer in the island and a space-saving corner drawer, all by Kemper Cabinets. The brass drawer pulls complement the brass lighting fixture, and the Macaubus White counters on the

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The Garden Gravestone

The Garden Gravestone

The Gravestone In The Garden

It’s no secret that I’m a taphophile.  It’s a
slightly sketchy sounding word, but I have a tremendous interest in old
cemeteries.  I’m especially interested in the historic
Albany Rural Cemetery and
its predecessor, the

State Street Burying Grounds
.  The latter was a large municipal
graveyard located in what is now the northeast quarter of Washington Park. 
To make a long story short, when the over-crowded and neglected Burying Grounds
were closed in the late 1860s, the remains and headstones were removed to a
special section of the Rural Cemetery now called the
Church Grounds. 
Some headstones, however, didn’t make it.  Over the years, there have been
a few stories of stones found along the route from the park to the South Gate of
Albany Rural. 

And then there’s the gravestone of Mary McConnell

Click the photo above to see

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